How to Dress More Girly & Feminine (12 Ways)

How to Dress More Feminine

I discuss fashion advice on how to dress more feminine in this article.

I’m only able to share half of the list with you here because it is so lengthy.

I adore feminine looks, and femininity can be incorporated into any look. Actually, it’s all about the small details.

Femininity is simply small details that you love including in a look to simply make you feel a little bit pretty and sexy, whether you are into the classics or like some trendier design.


Bows are a great way to dress more femininely and are a great little detail to add to an outfit.

This can be incorporated into your outfit in a number of different ways.

You can wear bows at the ends of your sleeves. A bow at the neckline can be found on numerous gorgeous blouses.

Bows can also be found in your accessories, such as on a handbag or a pair of shoes.

Bows in general are unquestionably associated with girly and feminine things. Additionally, adding that small detail to your outfit will give you a much more feminine style and elegance.


Ruffles are another lovely feminine accent you can use in your attire.

Dresses frequently feature ruffles. A few tiers of ruffles can be added at the bottom of your hemline. Additionally, you can make out some ruffles on a dress’ top. Maybe a little ruffling around the neckline or off the shoulders.

Furthermore, the sleeves can have some ruffling. And some blouses have ruffles on them, too. Even some wrap dresses feature ruffling that extends from the top of the body to the hem.

I adore it since it’s such a lovely feminine accent that can give an outfit a very delicate and girly feel.


Looking for pieces with lace is another feminine detail to add to an outfit.

In general, lace is a very feminine, soft, and delicate piece to use for clothing.

Lace can be found in something as straightforward as a camisole with a lace neckline. Lace that is on the sleeve is another option.

You can also find some lace overlay, whether it be on a dress or a skirt.

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You may give your style the feminine touch you’re going for by including a little bit of this detail.


One of my favorite methods for giving an outfit this delicate, soft, womanly appearance is by using florals.

I adore them utterly.

There are so many different ways to do flowers. Whether it be with a lovely flowery dress. You can wear a blouse with beautiful florals on it. You can wear a floral maxi skirt, a mini skirt, or a midi skirt.

I even enjoy seeing floral patterns on handbags and occasionally even in shoes.

They are the very definition of femininity, and there are countless ways to incorporate them.


Pink is a fantastic color to wear if you wish to dress more femininely.

There are many different shades of pink, which is one of their best qualities. Everything from a very soft pastel pink to a blush-like shade of pink and even a bubblegum pink is available.

Pink conjures up images of girly, feminine things in everyone’s minds. When you use that color in an outfit’s styling, you’ll quickly give it a more feminine appearance.

That might be anything pink, including a pink top, dress, or skirt. Even small amounts of pink can be added to an outfit as an accessory, such as in a bag or a pair of shoes.

If you want a more feminine style, this hue is great.


Smocking is the next component that, when done well, may greatly add to the gracefulness of an outfit.

Smocking can be seen at the sleeves or at the waistline of a dress, shirt, or other garment. The smocked detail serves a number of things.

First of all, it gives an outfit a really refined look. It unmistakably makes me think of that romantic time.

Additionally, it can be quite useful in defining the wrist, another extremely feminine part of the body, as well as the waistline of a blouse or even a dress.

These smocking components really give you that elegant, delicate, and incredibly refined romantic look. And of course, that gives you a really feminine appearance and aura.


Choosing clothing with eyelet details is one of my favorite ways to dress more femininely.

I adore this detail.

I believe it adds a soft, gentle feel to a piece of clothing. This might be anything from a single eyelet on a sleeve to an entire garment. Eyelets that are an overlay on a top are another option.

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Or perhaps a full dress with eyelets that extend all the way to the hem.

This particular feature is highly specific to clothing worn only by women. The fact that it is a very feminine style and detail to add when you want to dress more girly is the reason for this.


The next one is pearl, which is one of my particular favorites. This could be anything from pearl jewelry to pearl decorations.

Not only are pearls incredibly soft and feminine, but they are also hot for the spring and summer trend scene.

If you’re going for a more feminine look, you should absolutely incorporate this one.

Anything from a necklace to a pretty pair of earrings may be found with pearls. Of course adorable pearl rings.

However, they are also present in some particulars. As an illustration, there are sandals with pearl accents and sneakers with pearl details. I even own a sweater with pearl accents. Handbags often contain pearls.

They are simply such a girly and fun way to dress and feel more feminine.

Delicate Fabrics

You should include a few great fabrics in your wardrobe if you wish to incorporate this style.

Anything that has a smooth and shiny surface, such as silk, satin, or even chiffon.

This kind of fabric is great to wear since it adds a delicate, soft touch to an outfit and is very light and airy.

You can find these things in tops, skirts, and dresses. In general, all of those pieces tend to be quite feminine. Additionally layering this fabric on top of it creates a really refined, soft, and delicate appearance.

Flowy Dresses & Skirts

It is difficult to make the case that any piece of clothing, other than a dress or a skirt, could be considered more feminine. They truly embody what feminine clothing for women should be like.

If this is the look you want, flowy dresses and skirts are a great style.

That can range from a midi skirt or dress to a maxi skirt or dress or even one that is shorter, perhaps to the knee or somewhat shorter in a mini style.

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It really looks so lovely and feminine when a dress or skirt has a slight soft flow to the bottom.

When you think of just spinning around in it and watching it swirl, that’s pretty much the definition of girly, isn’t it?

Show Off Your Shoulders

Another excellent method to dress more femininely is to draw attention to your shoulders. There are several ways to accomplish this.

You may wear a top or dress with one shoulder exposed, or you may wear a top with both shoulders exposed.

Even a dress with straps is acceptable. That has the potential to come out as incredibly feminine. In addition, spaghetti straps or halter straps are acceptable alternatives.

Another excellent method to incorporate this feminine look into your wardrobe is by simply emphasizing the shoulders, particularly the neckline and collarbone.

Puff Shoulders

Puff shoulders are another current style trend that just so happens to stick with this feminine concept.

Really, puff shoulders are incredibly romantic and fun. They can be viewed in a variety of ways. There have been numerous sweaters and cardigans that include this cute puffy shoulder detail.

Even to some over-the-top blouses and tops with a larger puff shoulder style.

Your choice of puff shoulder truly depends on your body type. Whether you have wider shoulders or smaller shoulders. What flatters you the most is ultimately up to you.

But this tiny detail of the puff shoulder will actually make you feel and look more feminine.

How to Dress Girly


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