9 Clever Outfit Styling Tips & Tricks

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Outfit Styling Tips

I’m going to give you 9 totally smart, brilliant outfit styling tips that you can use right away to look more stylish.

They’re relatively easy to do yet they have such a profound, immediate impact.

Hair Tie For Sleeves

The hair tie trick is the best remedy for sleeves that are prone to falling down.

Getting two hair ties, one for each sleeve, will solve the problem if you like to roll up your sleeves but they keep falling throughout the day.

The only thing left to do is draw the sleeve up after putting them on the outside of the garment. To hide the hair tie, fiddle with it a little bit and you’re done.

Your sleeves are going to remain in their proper position all day.

Improved Tuck

I like to refer to number two as the improved tuck.

Many women want to tuck their shirts in at the front to give their outfits a little more shape, but doing so frequently results in a small pouch in the front of their tummies since there is extra fabric there.

That does not look good.

The best way to tuck your shirt is to unbutton a few of the bottom ones so that there are two sections. After that, you are able to tuck in each section to the side.

This is far more flattering because it actually gives your hips some shape while making your tummy appear flatter.

If you like, you can choose to leave the shirt’s back out. Alternatively, you can choose to tuck the shirt in completely. That also works.

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This method of shirt tucking is significantly more attractive.

Different Shirt Knotting

The third tip is correctly knotting your shirt. The front of a button-down shirt can be tied into a fun knot in the summer, but most people just tie it and go.

They frequently end up with this strange vertical knot that, to be honest, doesn’t even look right.

To tie it properly, first tie it normally, then bring the tail from underneath up, over, and then down.

That is the trick to always having it lay horizontally. It looks so much nicer and is always a sweet and simple way to dress up these plain shirts.

Tucking Collar Under

The fourth trick is to tuck your collar under.

This is a great creative way to completely alter the shirt’s look, and it also makes your jewelry stand out more. To achieve a layered look, you can add a stylish necklace or perhaps several necklaces.

It will display it in a lovely way.

This small adjustment gives the shirt a genuinely stylish and sophisticated look.

Layering Under

The antithesis of the previous advice is in number five. Instead of layering over, it is underlaying.

Here is an explanation of what most people naturally do when they want to add a layer in case you’re still unclear about what I even mean by that.

They simply put on a shirt, then add a cardigan or jacket on top. Although that is certainly not a bad change, I would advise you to try layering underneath occasionally.

Finding a shirt with a higher neck to wear underneath the shirt is all that is necessary. Even though it’s a very minor change, you still get a great layered look.

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This, in my opinion, is a far more stylish choice.

Shoe Ribbon

I’ve talked a lot about shirts so far, so let’s move on to number six, the shoe ribbon trick.

This one is a lot of fun.

Any pair of heels that you own can have this modification made to them. Open toe is an option. It might have closed toes.

Let’s start with this simple pair of beige heels, and I chose a ribbon in the same hue.

Simply wrap it around your ankle and tie it with a knot or bow. You have a new shoe right instantly.

This is an easy and inexpensive way to instantly achieve the look of lace-up heels, which are currently very fashionable.

I also gave it a shot with a pair of conventional closed-toe heels and a ribbon of a similar hue. I tied it at the back this time, and it turned out adorable.

But you’re not always required to match everything exactly. You may choose a complementary hue that might go with your dress.

That would also be a ton of fun.

Tying Dress in The Back

The seventh tip involves tying your dress in the back rather than the front.

I am astonished by how big of a difference this makes.

The majority of people would just take the wrap waist belt that frequently comes with dresses and tie it up in the front.

This isn’t entirely bad until you see a better way to accomplish it.

No longer tie them in the front; tie them in the back instead. Your dress looks much better right instantly. It’s so much smoother now. It fits the body better. It’s more stylish.

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Cropping Belt

Cropping your shirt with a basic belt is the eighth trick.

Any t-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater will work for this.

My simple graphic t-shirt works fine on its own, but if you add a smaller belt higher up on your waist, you can tuck the excess fabric inside the belt to instantly give the shirt a more cropped, stylish look.

An outfit that is far nicer than a simple t-shirt can be created by adding a pair of high waisted pants.

Belt Trick With Dress

The belt-trick variation with a dress is number nine.

If you happen to have a baggy or oversized dress, adding a belt and then drawing up that additional fabric around the belt will make it look much more fitting and stylish.

This results in a lovely waistline. It improves your hourglass shape and makes the dress look as though it was custom-made for you.

So there are my nine ingenious outfit styling tips and techniques.

Clever Outfit Styling Tricks


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