How to Hide Flabby Arms (10 Tips)

How to Hide Flabby Arms

Here are some tips and tricks to help you hide up those flabby or fat arms.

This is a subject that many women feel a little insecure about. The skin in that area tends to sag as we age, giving us what are frequently referred to as bat wings.

It can just be something that causes us to feel really uneasy while wearing our clothes.

Without spending hours in the gym, these simple fashion tricks and tips will help you feel your absolute best about your arms.

Show Your Shoulders

The first piece of advice is one that I myself put to good use, and that is to put on tops that are off the shoulder and have a touch of ruffle.

I adore this look because it accentuates my shoulders, which are the area of my arms where I feel the most self-assured.

It conceals with ruffles the portion of the arm that I am a little self-conscious about because it isn’t extremely toned.

It’s feminine, but it effectively conceals the things I wish to hide.

If you are having trouble in that area as well, this is a highly useful trick.

Add a Layering Piece

The third layering component is the next tip.

You might wear a light cardigan or kimono in the spring and summer. In the colder months, it may be anything from a blazer to a heavy cardigan to a cargo jacket.

This definitely aids in hiding your arms and the aspects of them that give you the most anxiety.

The presence of that lengthy layering piece will also help to extend your body by directing attention away from your arms and into the center of your body.

This is an easy method that I frequently employ and that will help you feel more at ease and confident while you’re out in public.

Choose 3/4 Sleeves

Three-quarter length sleeves are one of my favorite tricks for covering up any upper arm insecurities.

A three-quarter length sleeve can be achieved in a number different ways.

The first is looking for shirts that end exactly at the elbow area of the arm. By hiding the area you are uneasy about, that would be extremely helpful.

The bottom part of the arm, which you probably feel more confident with, is particularly highlighted, which is another way it helps. Additionally, it attracts eye to the area just below the waist.

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Additionally, you are bringing everything together and giving it some shape.

If you have a long sleeve shirt, this is a pretty awesome technique. Simply rolling up the sleeves until they reach that area will create you a three-quarter length sleeve.

Open Up The Neck Area

To open the neck area is another easy tip.

You’re actually directing attention away from your arms and toward your neck and face by opening the neck area.

Having several necklines is an easy method to achieve this. It could have a square neckline, a scoop neckline, or even a v-neckline.

It really just highlights and brings the focus to your neck, to your chest area, and to your face while drawing attention from your arms by having these various necklines that show more skin in the chest and in the neck area.

Smaller Prints

Using prints with smaller patterns is another tip to make your arms look smaller.

Smaller prints will draw the eye in and make things appear smaller, while larger prints will make things appear larger.

Make sure to pick a small print if you want to wear a print on top but are experiencing trouble with your arms.

It will actually help to make the impression that things are smaller than they actually are.

It could be a partial print that only covers the arms or a large print that covers your entire top. Things like tiny miniature florals and polka dots will really help to draw the eye in and make the space appear smaller.

Darker Colors on Top

The use of colors is another simple method for hiding your arms. Wearing darker colors up top and lighter colors down bottom is what that means.

One simple and easy approach to conceal your arms is by using colors to create the appearance that your upper body is smaller.

This doesn’t have to be just brighter colors on the bottom and black on top. These could also be darker hues that you’re wearing on top.

By doing this, you shift your attention from your upper body to your lower body and away from the insecurity you feel in your arms.

Avoid Cap Sleeves

After sharing some dos with you, I’ll move on to several don’ts, starting with not wearing cap sleeves.

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You shouldn’t choose a cap sleeve. A cap sleeve is one of those sleeves that hits you and ends just above the arm’s widest point.

The last thing you want is a line drawn there, emphasizing the largest part of your arm, if you’re attempting to lessen that arm area or are self-conscious about some arm fat.

Find a top that hits you in a smaller part of your arm if at all possible. Instead of drawing attention to the biggest part of your arm, you want that line to highlight on a thinner area.

Therefore, avoid wearing cap sleeves. Simply said, they are a bad choice for hiding upper arm fat.

Wear Flutter Sleeves

Adding a flutter sleeve feature to your clothing is another easy technique to conceal arm fat.

I must issue a warning. If the detail is used with a cap sleeve, do not utilize it. As your arm begins to naturally shrink out, you want the flutter sleeve design to hit you lower down on your arm.

By doing so, you’ll be able to highlight the smaller portions of your arm while also helping to conceal the entire arm area.

This is a subtle touch that is also incredibly feminine and beautiful. It draws attention to the areas that are slimmer and more delicate.

Avoid Strapless

Strapless tops and dresses are another thing you should stay away from.

It may seem odd that I’m suggesting off the shoulder, but why not strapless.

The reason for this is that there is a big differentiation between the effects that these two kinds of clothing will have on the region of your upper arms.

With an off-the-shoulder top, you can really draw attention to your shoulders while hiding any insecurities you may have.

But when you remove that ruffle and wear a strapless with no straps at all, you’re actually simply highlighting your insecurities.

Your entire upper arm area is now on display, along with any bra fat in this small area, which changes the outfit’s main focus.

Avoid wearing anything strapless if you’re self-conscious about your upper body, arm fat, bat wings, or whatever else we like to call them.

It won’t benefit you in any way.

Highlight The Wrists

You can also draw attention to your wrists. You can divert attention from your upper arms to the smallest, most delicate part of your arm by highlighting your wrists.

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You can achieve this by wearing jewelry, such as different jewels or stacks of bracelets. Watches and even accents on your sleeves are options. Your sleeve’s bottom may include a small bit of ruffle detail or possibly a tie detail.

It really does highlight the feminine part of your arm and deflect attention away from your upper arms by directing it down toward your wrist.

Bonus Tip

Here is my small self-confidence trick for applying bronzer to the arm region.

Body Blur is one of the things I love using. This is a lotion; self-tanner is not present in it. Given that it is a bronzing lotion, it has some color.

It comes in several colors, and I apply it to my arms and shoulders much like I would a moisturizer.

This bronzing lotion may be used to contour and highlight the body in the same way that you use cosmetics to do so, which is what I find so appealing.

Simply applying a small amount of a darker body lotion to the area under your arms that you feel is a little flabby and massaging it in can help to make your arms appear slightly slimmer, slightly more toned, and slightly more defined.

In The End

Please just keep in mind with all of these tips I’m not suggesting that there is anything wrong with having larger arms. You ought to feel confident in your own skin.

This is only for females who are insecure about their arms and are searching for some advice and tricks to help them feel more confident.

I hope you’ve liked reading about these techniques for hiding flabby arms, and if this is a problem area for you, I hope these will help you feel your best in clothes.

How to Hide Fat Arms


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