How to Wear Colorful Clothing (5 Tips)

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How to Wear Colorful Clothing

So you want to add some bold color to your style but aren’t ready to invest in a completely new clothing.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick and easy style to alter your look without making a big commitment.

I completely comprehend.

I have saved the best for last tip. When it comes to shopping, number five is a game changer. Trust me, I’ve worked in the fashion industry for a decade, and this will come in handy when you go shopping.

Here are five simple ways to incorporate bright colors into your wardrobe.

Rule of Thirds

The first piece of advice I have for dipping your toe into bold color is to imagine wearing two-thirds of your typical color and one-third of a big statement color.

Make two-thirds of your clothing neutral, one-third color if you’re used to wearing neutrals.

Make the tiny shirt underneath a color if you’re wearing a blazer and pants. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a neutral top with a neutral bottom, throw in a bright purse. As a result, that is your one-third color.

You’ll be able to include color into your clothing without it taking over your entire ensemble this way.

Red Shoes

The next piece of advice I have for you is to invest in a pair of red shoes.

When you’re used to wearing more neutral colors, red shoes are a simple and timeless way to bring color to your ensemble.

Also, I guarantee you’ll get praises on your style sense. It’ll be on your clothes or your shoes, but I guarantee that if you walk down the street wearing red shoes, someone will stop you and compliment you on your ensemble.

But there’s a catch!

Before you go out and spend money on a pair of red shoes, take them for a test. If you don’t have any, borrow some from a friend or cousin and give them a shot. See how it looks.

On Amazon, I found a pair of inexpensive red shoes. They were $14.99, and they weren’t the most comfy shoes in the world, but they’d be a terrific way to try out the red shoe.

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Try on a pair of red shoes after you’ve got them. If you like it, go out and buy a pair of red shoes that you enjoy, that fit you well, that are comfortable, and that allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Body Decor

When your clothing is primarily neutral, adding some colorful jewelry is a simple way to add a pop of color.

So, if I’m wearing an off-white shirt, I’m wearing gold earrings, which look extremely nice and sophisticated. And then I can add some colorful jewelry.

How to Style Colorful Clothes

Stick With What Already Works

One of my favorite tips is number four. This appeals to me and I believe it will be of great use.

Take a look at your closet and pull out the items that you use frequently. I’m not talking about sweaters or other items for lounging around the home in.

But the clothes you reach for when you know you’ll feel beautiful and look good in them, that they’ll fit you well, that you’ll be comfortable in them, and that you’ll always reach for when you want a sure thing.

Take all of those out and look for a common denominator.

Maybe they’re all 3/4 sleeve, maybe they’re all v-neck, maybe they’re all form-fitting, maybe they’re all made of the same material.

Figure out what that style is, and you’ll know what your go-to appearance is that you’re confident with.

Then, when you go shopping or want to add a splash of color to your style, look for that style in a bright color.

You already know how well this style suits you. You already know it looks well on you and makes you feel good, so all you’re doing is altering the color.

What’s Inside Counts

Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk into a store and be able to quickly eliminate everything that won’t work for you and focus on what will?

We’ve arrived at tip number five. When it comes to shopping, tip number five is a game-changer.

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You should figure out what your skin’s undertone is.

You may be aware with this notion from when you go shopping for makeup and need to know your skin’s undertone.

However, this is also very relevant when you go clothing shopping. In a moment, I’ll show you some very simple techniques to figure this out.

The reason you should figure out your skin undertone is that it will determine which colors will look best on you. That doesn’t mean you’re destined to just wear particular colors, but if you’re just looking for a place to start and you’re frustrated by the rainbow of colors when you go shopping, this would be a fantastic place to start.

When you go shopping, you’ll be able to eliminate all of the colors that don’t work for you and focus on the ones that do.

It gives you a great place to start.

Here’s how to figure out what color your skin is. I’m sure there are more complicated methods, but if you’re just sitting in your living room and want to know, this will suffice. Here’s how to do it.

If your veins are blue or purple on the underside of your wrist, you have cool undertones. You have a warm undertone if they are green or yellow.

It makes no difference what color your skin is. People with the same skin color might have various undertones, even if they are from the same family.

Getting some gold and silver jewelry and placing it next to your skin is another way to tell. If you appear better in silver jewelry, you have a cool undertone, and if you look better in gold jewelry, you have a warm undertone.

Another way, and probably the simplest, is that if you go out in the sun and tan easily, you have warm undertones. If you go out in the sun and get sunburned, and it doesn’t work out for you, you probably have cool undertones.

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If you’re currently perplexed and receiving conflicting results, you most likely have neutral undertones, which means you can wear any color and look great.

So, what does it all mean?

Cool colors, such as blues, lavender, and purple, will complement your skin if you have cool undertones. If it’s a cool red, you can definitely wear it.

In just a second, I’m going to show you how to wear any color, regardless of your skin undertone.

Look for colors like orange and yellow if you have warm undertones. Look for a warm red if it’s a red.

All of this being said, if you’re familiar with color theory, you’ll notice that practically every color has warm and cool shades.

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to wear all the colors, the solution is confidence.

You can accomplish almost anything if you have confidence in yourself.

I believe that individuals should wear whatever they want, and that if there’s a color or a style that makes you feel beautiful and the best version of yourself, you should wear it.

That is the outfit you should put on.

This should be beneficial to folks who are just trying to figure out where to start with color, and I hope it was.

How to Wear More Color


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