What to Wear to Make You Look Slimmer? (5 Tips)

What to Wear to Make You Look Slimmer?

Here I’m gonna talk about what to wear to make you look slimmer.

I want to concentrate on a few fashion tips that can actually make you look longer, leaner, and slimmer.

These are general advice that will benefit everyone, no matter of their size—whether they are a size two or a size 22.

I can assure you that they work.

Light Over Dark

The first tip is to put light on top of dark.

You wear a gray jacket over a white tunic, white jeans, and white mules. This attire is beautiful; there is nothing wrong with it. But it’s not gonna be as slimming as if you switch this combination.

Change it up and do light over dark instead of dark over light. Therefore, you are dressed in a pair of black jeans and a black top with a white jacket on top. And to complete the look, put on a pair of black heels.

The light over the dark is clearly more elongating and slimming, causing you to appear longer, slimmer, and taller. You’re going to feel and look much better thanks to this.

Consider layering the light over the dark rather than the other way around when you’re doing some layering.

Short Top & Longer Bottoms

Combining a short top with longer bottoms can give the impression that you have a shorter torso and longer legs, which is tip number two for looking slimmer.

Even if you are perfectly proportioned, or if you have a longer torso and shorter legs, we can cheat that. We can make our torsos and legs appear shorter and longer.

Let’s have a look at the complete opposite of that.

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For instance, it might be a long gray tunic with black pumps and a pair of gray light high rise skinny jeans. You may add more length to your legs by just tucking this tunic into these jeans.

You are giving the illusion that your torso is shorter and your legs are longer. You undoubtedly look slimmer when your top is tucked in. Your legs look longer, and you can see your waist. It makes for a more attractive combination.

Some of you might have tummy and be unable to tuck your tunic in. Then, there is nothing wrong with the first option (tunic not tucked in).

All I’m suggesting is that if you want to look as slim as possible, choose the option of making your upper body look shorter and your legs look longer.

If you do have a tummy, another thing you may do is to wear a crop jacket over a shorter camisole.

That will make your upper body look shorter, and the longer shirt underneath will compensate for the tummy. You’ll still have the longer leg look, but you’ll also have the necessary tummy coverage.

Wide Leg Pants or Jeans

If you wish to take this a step further and make your legs look even longer, you might consider wearing more than just dark-washed jeans or pants.

We are all aware of how slimming dark colors like black, navy, and dark denim are.

Let’s go one step further. Instead of simply referring to dark-washed jeans or dark pants, refer to straight or wide-leg pants or jeans.

Skinnies cut off the leg at the ankle. However, it will lengthen your legs even more if you wear pants with straight or wider legs.

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By wearing high-rise pants or jeans in a dark hue and making that the leg profile is straight or wide leg, you may enhance the combination of the short, upper body and longer legs even more.

With the wider jeans, you’ll be shocked at how much slimmer you’ll look and how much longer your legs will look.

Just keep in mind that if you want to look as lean and slim as possible, you should look the rise, how you can shorten your torso, and how to make your legs appear even longer in addition to wanting a deeper color on your lower body.

Finally, you should favor straight, fit-and-flare, wide pants, and jeans for the leg silhouette.

Neutral Looks

Try all neutral looks as your next piece of advice. We can all agree that wearing all one color makes you look slimmer. Typically, we discuss wearing black or navy.

Those hues might no longer be as appealing to you as they once were as you age. Some folks may really feel the harshness of black.

Choose a monochromatic, all-neutral look instead.

When you go all-neutral with a long beige dress, you appear slimmer than when you break up the line with a black skirt.

Even while the all-neutral look is slimming, it also looks more upscale, high-end, and opulent than wearing that black skirt.

Strategic Shoe Choices

The final piece of advice I wanted to give you is to choose your shoes wisely because they have a big impact on a lot of things besides just making you look slimmer.

Don’t just say that it doesn’t matter. It does.

I have wedges, for instance, that are four and a half inches tall. The shoes effectively cut off the leg when worn with a skirt and an ankle strap.

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My body and legs look longer if I wear shoes with a lower heel and a simple pump without an ankle strap.

That’s incredible. Just an easy shoe switch!

If my objective is to look as long and streamlined as possible, I’ll choose a deeper cut shoe, such as a pump, slingback, or something that is cut lower on the foot as opposed to higher.

Additionally, avoid anything with straps at the ankle or the top of the foot since they will cut your leg. You won’t appear as slim and lean as a result.

Another thing to consider is wearing shoes that are the same hue as your skin tone, especially if you’re wearing a dress or skirt.

However, I would probably prefer to wear dark shoes if I have a pair of black slacks or dark jeans because it will help retain the line longer.

So, in order to create as much length as possible and to appear slimmer, consider what you’re wearing and strategically choose shoes to go with it.

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