How to Choose The Perfect Outfit

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How to Choose The Perfect Outfit

I’ll outline four easy steps in this article that you may use to consistently put together the perfect outfit.

Following these four simple fashion tips will enable you to choose the ideal outfit for any situation, season, or mood. These tips are incredibly simple to use.

Let’s get going.

Build Your Outfit Around Your Emotions

I want to talk about building your perfect base as the first step. I want to focus on both the emotional and the physical aspect of this rather than simply a shirt and some pants. Our entire attire reflects how we are feeling.

Personally, there are some things in my closet that don’t go well with certain emotions or moods.

So if I’m extremely exhausted,  I have a few things I prefer not to wear. There are some things that I’ll be more likely to reach for if I’m really rested.

If I’m feeling bloated or not, and all of these other intangibles play a significant role in how our clothes fit us.

Therefore, I’m able to get into my honest emotions and then build my outfit around those instead of building a foundation that’s suitable for a high energy day when I’m feeling quite lethargic or exhausted.

Although it seems so basic, it has actually caused a significant mental shift for me. Because I am then examining my closet in the context of my life, the many phases of my lifestyle, my mood, and my energy.

Coordinate Your Color Palette From Top to Toe

Coordinating your color scheme from head to toe is the next step in creating your perfect ensemble for the day.

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It’s very simple, which is why I love it. You’ll have a few accent colors you can choose from as you develop your own color palette for your clothing that properly capture how you’re feeling on any given day.

It absolutely complements step number one.

There are some colors that I lean toward more when I’m having a low energy day compared to when I’m having a really high energy day.

Knowing these things about your personality and color preferences offers you so much leeway in how you construct your outfits in an honest way.

Instead of struggling against whatever you are feeling, you are creating a lovely palette that perfectly complements you and your actual authentic self.

I like this because choosing a color and repeating it is one of the simplest ways to make your outfit look extremely put together.

If you wear that color from top to toe, everything will match, the eye will follow that color, and it will appear very deliberate. While making little effort, it makes the entire thing appear great.

Incorporate Accessories

The use of accessories is the next step in building outfits that you love wearing every day.

Because they are so effective at pulling things in one direction or another, accessories play a crucial role in the process of creating an outfit.

A really simple outfit can be made a little bit more unique by adding accessories.

Because many of us have a propensity to put on our jewelry and then kind of forget about it, now is a great time to start experimenting with it.

However, your jewelry can play a huge role in how your outfit feels.

Simply by switching up your things, you can alter the look of your jewelry as a whole for every given day.

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These accessories can help you make your outfits stand out. Having some shine on your ear or having your jewelry tell a special tale is a really great way to achieve this if you want things to be casual but seem like you put in some effort.

The last step is to think about your hair and makeup for the day as you’re building together your outfits and incorporating your jewelry and accessories.

Hair & Makeup

The hair and makeup portion is the final step in building your perfect outfit for the day, and it’s the finishing touches.

In my experience, it’s crucial to have a few resources available for varying time periods, such as five, twenty, or even an hour and twenty minutes.

Then, if you’re feeling very motivated, if you’re feeling lethargic, and finally, for the hair, whether it’s greasy or not.

Having these has been quite helpful for me because I used to ignore it. I only knew how to style my hair one way because I always did the same thing. Everything else seemed to be failing if it wasn’t working to comply.

I’ve been focusing a lot of effort into this over the past couple of years and have tried to play around with my hair a bit. Try a variety of styling techniques, including wearing your hair straight, curly, up, or down, and become accustomed to performing a couple of them.

Making sure I have all the things I’ll need to create the various styles, such as a hair tie, comb, and brush.

That has completely changed the game. Because every time I would reach this stage, I would feel defeated and like I had to start over because my hair didn’t match my attire.

Focusing on this has been quite helpful, and I urge you to do the same, especially if you find it enjoyable.

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Skip this entirely if you never touch up your hair and never wear makeup. However, if you enjoy experimentation, changing up your haircuts, and applying makeup, focusing on this now, when there is no pressure, can really help you later on when there is pressure and a time constraint.


There you have it. These are the four stages you can use to create the perfect outfit each and every day.

In my experience, doing these four things and really breaking them down, taking a deep breath, and going step one, two, three, and four, has really made a major impact in how I’m able to convert my outfits for that certain day.

It takes a lot of the uncertainty out of it and reduces a lot of the stress. I don’t feel overburdened since I have really doable things to turn to.

I’m hoping this will be helpful for you as well.

how to find the perfect outfit


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