12 Feminine Fashion Style Tips (Part 2)

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Feminine Fashion Style Tips

Here is part two of my previous article How to Dress More Girly & Feminine.

I’m going to share with you the rest of my feminine fashion style tips in this article, including all the many simple tricks for dressing more femininely.

Balloon Sleeves

Balloon sleeves are a great detail that may be added to a blouse you’re wearing or a dress you’re wearing that is extremely feminine. They have a flowy, delicate appearance.

One of the great things about it is that, typically, a balloon sleeve will have a small amount of gathering at the end, such as a tiny ruffle or even a smocked detail. This just adds a delicate and feminine touch to the wrist, which is a very attractive part of the female body.

Balloon sleeves also have the benefit of being able to partially conceal the area under your arm. Balloon sleeves are a great feature to add if somebody is sensitive to that area or you feel like you have larger arms.


Tiers are a stunning feminine addition to any outfit. These are present in dresses, skirts, and blouses.

Although not a real ruffle, it resembles ruffle-type detailing. Either one tier or several tiers are possible.

It’s not uncommon for a blouse’s tiers to start just below the bust line, and this small detail may really help give an outfit some structure.

In fact, it can draw attention to that waist area. If you have a stomach that you are trying to cover up, having numerous tiers might also be something that is very forgiving.

To truly draw attention to that feminine detail and highlight the leg or even the ankle area, depending on where the tiers are falling, you can even have tiers at the bottom of a dress or a skirt.

It’s a really lovely, feminine finishing touch to add to outfits that may look great on a variety of body types.

Swiss Dot

Swiss dot is another great small detail that you can add to a blouse, dress, or even a skirt.

A great accent you may add to an item is the Swiss dot because it’s such a tiny, adorable detail.

In order to create this embroidered detail, they are gathering a small amount of the fabric.

Some Swiss dots are bigger and more significant. Other Swiss dots may be extremely little, barely detectable, or just visible enough to draw attention.

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I genuinely love this one. I’m constantly on the lookout for additional items with Swiss dots since they really give many dresses and blouses such a girly, feminine feel.


Buttons are another beautiful feminine detail. I don’t mean the functional buttons that can be found on clothing that we typically wear.

I’m talking about embellished buttons that give an outfit a little look of a feminine touch in addition to being beautiful.

The sleeves of a blouse occasionally have those buttons. They frequently come in two varieties: ones with fabric coverings, and ones with pearl accents. Additionally, you can find them on the front of a blouse, and they aren’t even functional.

They are purely there to add this extremely feminine and beautiful look. They’re just a great detail that adds a touch of femininity, and they’re also really pretty.

Flutter Sleeves

Flutter sleeves are one of my favorite features that I love on blouses and dresses. They have a sleeve that runs down the arm that is really soft, flowy, and almost like it is cascading.

They may very well vary in length. Some of them extend down to your elbow, while others are a little bit closer to the top of your shoulder. They have a very feminine, delicate feel to them.

For those with arm insecurities, this one is really forgiving. I wouldn’t say that my arms are the most toned, but wearing a flutter sleeve really boosts my confidence and gives me a very girly, feminine feel.


Another excellent addition to an outfit to make it more feminine is ruching.

We discovered ruching in a variety of ways. Basically, it can be used to any piece of apparel.

Many of the blouses we saw had ruching, which may be used on various parts of the body. Whether  it’s around the chest area, whether it’s around the waistline. Even some in the shoulder area.

In essence, it’s merely a gathering of fabric that ripples and almost creates a small amount of pleating.

It can also be incredibly body-flattering when applied to various areas of a woman’s body. When it’s used around the waist area, it can occasionally be very forgiving for any tummy type of issues that a person has.

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It can create a small bit of puffed shoulder detailing or even highlight the area around the bust line. Ruching is also a feature of dresses and skirts.


Tulle is a fantastic addition to an outfit that will make it look more feminine.

There are wonderful ways to incorporate tulle into so many different pieces. Actually, blouses are capable of incorporating tulle. On the top of a blouse, there might be a tiny bit of ruffling.

Additionally, a dress or blouse may occasionally have a small bit of tulle added to the shoulders. Even beautiful dresses with tiers that include the tulle fabric are available.

It’s just a great stiffer fabric that’s used in dresses, blouses, and skirts to add that feminine touch.

Accordion Pleats

I love accordion pleats in skirts because they add a feminine detail. The midi or maxi style skirts and dresses that have these tiny accordion pleats are quite fashionable.

They actually create a lot of volume at the bottom of the skirt or dress you are wearing. They give a skirt or dress this really flowy, whimsical look. Of course, that is very feminine.

It really is the epitome of femininity if you picture yourself whirling about in this lovely dress with this huge bottom.


When searching for particular items to add that girly touch, scallop is another feature you may look for.

The scallops are fairly close together and some of them are very little. Some of them are a little bit bigger and appear more dramatic.

These can be found on a little camisole with scalloped trim along the neckline. There are certain blouses that have scallop details right around the hem and at the waist.

Even some dresses feature this scalloping detail at the bottom of the sleeves or hemline.

It’s a highly feminine detail that will quickly boost the outfit’s girly charm.


One of my all-time favorite feminine elements is undoubtedly gingham.

It is such a beautiful print and is ideal, especially in spring and summer.

I especially love gingham print in these softer pastel shades since it makes even more feminine.

There are numerous ways you can go about doing it. Whether you’re looking at a gingham-printed basic button-down shirt. You could even wear shorts with gingham on them. You may create a whole gingham dress or simply just a gingham skirt.

Additionally, it has some really adorable small embellishments. Gingham has been used in small handbags and ballerina flats, among other things.

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It’s just a great print that’s both timeless and fashionable while still being extremely feminine and on trend.

Square Neckline

A square neckline is a great neckline to wear if you want to dress a little more girly and feminine.

Some of the more delicate feminine body parts can be hidden by a crew neckline.

It may also appear a little bit sexual if you’re wearing anything with a more v-shaped neckline.

However, a square neckline will always make you look extremely girly and feminine. The reason for this is due to the fact that you are really opening up that area of your chest. Without actually revealing any of your breast detail, you are revealing your collarbone and highlighting your neckline.

It is a type of neckline that has the potential to be both highly feminine and quite conservative.

Bell Sleeves

Another great method to add an outfit a feminine detail are bell sleeves. Bell sleeves can be done in so many different ways.

However, they are unquestionably fashionable for the spring and summer.

Some bell sleeves can begin high, up around the elbow area, and extend all the way out, giving them a really dramatic look. Other bell sleeves can be a little bit more subtle, beginning underneath the elbow, mid forearm or even closer to the wrist area.

This is a really cute and whimsical look; it’s very flowy and carefree, and depending on the type of bell sleeve you choose, it’ll give you a feminine look. However, it can be anything from very dramatic and sophisticated and elegant to something that looks a little bit more carefree, free-spirited, and boho type of charm to it.

However, bell sleeves are unquestionably extremely distinctively feminine, regardless of the style you choose.

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