How to Tie a Head Scarf, Tutorial (10 Ways)

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How to Tie a Head Scarf, Tutorial

This video demonstrates 10 different ways to tie a head scarf. The speaker shares tips and tricks for each method.

Head scarves are perfect for days when one’s hair is not at its best or needs washing.

Throughout the video, the speaker showcases different silk scarves and explains the steps to achieve each tying style.

The first method involves folding a large silk scarf into a triangle and tying it at the back of the head to create a traditional head scarf look, with the aim of showcasing a specific color to match the speaker’s lipstick.

The second method is similar to the first, with a folded silk scarf tied in a double knot at the back, but with a twist to show more color from the front.

The third method uses a long, skinny scarf that is folded and tied at the top of the head with a double knot, with the ends fashioned into a bow for added flair.

The fourth method involves folding a smaller scarf in half, rolling it into a long skinny scarf, and tying it on the outside of the hair at the top of the head.

The fifth method uses the same large silk scarf from the first method but is tied tightly on the head using an elastic band to create a top knot style.

The speaker continues to demonstrate five more tying methods, including tying a scarf around the neck, tying it as a headband, incorporating it into a low ponytail, and variations of earlier styles.

how to tie a scarf on your head

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