How to Make Upper Arms Look Thinner

How to Make Upper Arms Look Thinner

This article is all about how to dress and flatter your arms, your upper arms especially.

So if you are wondering how to dress to make your arms look thinner and slimmer, you are in the right place.

The best thing you can do is to embrace them! Yes, embrace your gorgeous arms.

But I know as you are here that you also want to learn how to flatter your upper arms, so you look and feel confident.

I hope these 5 simple tips can help you and that you can apply them the next time you get dressed.

So let me give you a few quick tips on how to make your arms look flattering.


Naturally the first thing is to of course cover them up.

But what you don’t want to do is cover them up with oversized clothing because when you’re wearing oversized, it’s going to make you look oversized.

For example, I wear a particular top that is shorter and so it’s bringing the attention up higher to the waistline. Because you’re kind of cutting yourself off in the waistline, you’re drawing attention to that area

And if you have a necklace on, you’re basically drawing attention away from your arms. But you are also covering them up with sleeves that should be fitted along the sides, so it doesn’t make you look as wide.

Wide Sleeve

Something important to note is if you are going to wear something with a wider sleeve, you want the tops to still be able to fit you, because if the top is wider and then the sleeves are wider, you’re just going to look wider.

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If you are going to go with a wider sleeve, wear something a little bit more fitted. In other words, the sleeve is done on purpose, it’s not like you’re just wearing oversized altogether.

Quite honestly, if you are trying to disguise your arms, you can wear a top that’s just more fitted in general.

Take a look at these two tops.

It makes a big difference where it’s more fitted.

Puffy Sleeve

The next top that you want to opt for, and this could also be a dress, is one with puffy sleeves that are also a little bit more tapered down at the bottom. You’re covering up your upper arms and then it tapers over, it’s like a bellow effect.

If the top or dress is very fitted, it creates and it gives you really nice shape. You’re covering your arms, but it doesn’t look like you’re trying to cover up your arms.

Using trends to your advantage definitely helps, because right now there is a trend with bigger arms and the puffy sleeve, but then it cuts you at the smallest part of your arm.

What you could do is you can go with that or you can go with something fitted and again cut yourself off at the smallest part of your arm.

So remember, a puffy sleeve or something more fitted, cutting yourself at the smallest part of your arm.

Speaking of which, a common mistake that I see ladies do is they wear that bell kind of sleeve and it cuts them off actually right along the bust area. If they have a bigger bust, it draws attention to their bust and makes them look wider.

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If you don’t have a bigger bust, you don’t have to worry about this. But if you do have a bigger bust, and you wear that wider bell sleeve, and it cuts off at the same point as your bust, it is going to make you look wider.

Ruffle Sleeve

The other top you can try is the one with ruffles. It always depends on what you mean by covering up your arms.

But doing this little ruffle effect draws the attention up to the ruffles and away from your arms. So that is also an option.

Also wearing an asymmetrical angles or off the shoulders a little bit, and then bringing down the sleeve and covering up as much as you want (you can go longer or shorter), draws the attention away from where you don’t want the attention to be.


Last but not least, something else that you can also do is just throw on a kimono.

Those are so chic right now, you have so many different ways to wear them. You can wear them in the summer, spring, even winter.

They really are beautiful pieces that you can dress up or dress down. You can wear it with a belt. There is lots of different ways to wear a kimono. They’re also really nice and breezy.

Speaking of breezy, linen is a great fabric. You can take a blouse and unbutton it in a linen, and just wear it open and then roll up the sleeves a little bit to where you want it.

It’s just nice and breezy. You won’t get too hot, but you’re also protecting your skin from the sun.

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In the end, embrace your body. That is also an act of self-care. Just loving your body and taking good care of yourself. Just loving and accepting your body how it is and dressing for your shape.

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