How to Not Sweat in a Suit

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How to Not Sweat in a Suit

In this article, I’ll present my tips for wearing a suit in warm temperatures and looking great without sweating your brains off.

The advice I’ll provide you will focus on selecting the appropriate apparel from the start, as well as a few hot days tricks that you can use when wearing a suit.

Let’s talk how to not sweat in a suit.

Jacket Lining

The first topic we’ll cover is selecting the appropriate jacket, followed by a discussion of jacket linings.

Most jackets are completely lined since it is less expensive and allows them to conceal all of the jacket’s inner construction.

It’s really nasty inside a jacket if you ever open it up. When you have a half-lined or quarter-lined jacket, you must finish the interior in some way. It will be more costly in general since it necessitates more manual labor.

Let’s say you have no choice but to acquire a lined jacket; in that case, you should avoid polyester.

In hot temperatures, a polyester-lined jacket is a no-no. Why? It won’t be breathable.

Make certain you get anything made in Bemberg. On occasion, you’ll see silk on higher-end jackets. I dislike it since it is difficult to replace and maintain.

Fully lined jackets are my favorite because they are more durable and, in general, less expensive. Another benefit of lined jackets is that you may mix and match colors and patterns.

The problem is that all of this surplus material will be hot in warm temperatures.

A half-lined jacket, on the other hand, may or may not have a lining on the back. It will be cooler as a result, especially if the material is breathable.

Jackets that aren’t lined will still have shoulder protection. Why? Because you want your arms to be able to go in and out, and they want to protect the padding on your shoulders if you have it.

Lining is nearly always found on the front of the garment. Why did they put the lining on the front of the jacket? It provides your chest structure, and they want to ensure to safeguard it because it’s difficult to make what’s underneath attractive.

Protective Undershirt

I understand that not everyone has access to the ideal jacket; some of you may still have lined jackets that you will need this summer, so what do you do?

Thompson Tee is an option. They’ve invented the most incredible undershirt that effectively eliminates underarm sweat.

Hydro shield sweat proof technology is patented by these folks. What these men came up with was a natural technique to deal with underarm sweat that was both safe and effective. It’s both strong and soft.

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When you’re wearing this undershirt, you’ll hardly notice the pad is there, and it performs precisely what it should.

It’ll save you from getting those unpleasant sweat stains, and you’ll be able to use it again and again. They come in a wide range of hues. There’s black, gray, beige, and white to choose from.

They also provide a wide range of styles. So, whether you want a crewneck, a V-neck, or a deep V-neck, they have you covered.

When you have expensive coats and shirts, this will preserve them from damage, make them last longer, and save you from getting those embarrassing sweat stains.


Let’s talk about fabrics for a moment. You’ll hear fresco, and you’ll hear tropical weight wool. If you can find them, both of them are excellent choices.

Tropical weight wool is normally woven a little bit thinner and a little bit tighter, allowing air to pass through. It’s not too lightweight.

There will be some cotton jackets on the market. I especially enjoy them in something like seersucker, which has a three-dimensional fabric and is extremely breathable.

Seersucker, on the other hand, will be a really bold design. You must have a solid understanding of what you’re doing.

Let’s talk about linen for a moment. The disadvantage of linen is that it wrinkles quickly. The beauty of linen is that because of the way it’s woven, it’ll be extremely breathable. Air will move freely through linen, which is a significant benefit. However, it will be a more casual fabric in general.

Color of Suit

During the summer, you should choose a lighter color. Why? Cooler colors are lighter.

All forms of light are reflected by white. Because black absorbs all of those light, it will be hotter. In general, dark colors.

Navy and charcoal gray are likely to be hot. If you want to have some fun with color, go for white, off white, tan, light gray, or pastels.

However, keep in mind that during the summer, softer colors will reign supreme.

Breaking The Rules

Let’s have a look at how to break the rules.

I know how to button my jacket correctly. On a two-button, you’re basically always going to button the top one when you’re standing. You’ll always button the center button on a three-button watch, and never the bottom.

But here’s the thing:

You may toss that out the window during hot weather. When you’re strolling around, you can unbutton your jacket to allow air to circulate.

You don’t want a lot of tightness; you want to be able to breathe freely and cool down.

This also applies to your sleeves, especially if you have working sleeve buttons on your jacket, which you may unbutton, as well as the sleeves on your shirt.

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Also, don’t be hesitant to remove that jacket. If you’re going to be traveling, commuting, or sitting in your workplace and it’s a little hot and you just want to cool down, go for it. Simply hang it over your chair.

Another alternative is to wear a vest. Vests appeal to me because they can tie an outfit together. Of course, they’re not as formal as a jacket, but in extremely hot weather, when everyone else has taken off their jacket, you’ll stick out since you’re wearing a vest.

It offers you a more streamlined monochromatic aesthetic, and I think it does a terrific job of emphasizing your arms, bulking up your shoulders, and even improving the appearance of your chest. It’s an attractive look that practically any man can pull.

The Right Shirt

Let’s speak about finding the perfect shirt.

If the linen is a deeper color, it will hide the wrinkles quite well. Another thing to consider is that if you wear a linen under your jacket, even if it wrinkles, no one will notice if you keep the jacket on.

Shirts made entirely of cotton are ideal, but pay attention to the weight. You’ll want something lightweight and airy. Look for something with a gauze weave, anything that allows light to enter through easily.

I also enjoy linen-cotton combos. They’re a little more difficult to get by. You get the best of both worlds with this fabric, which combines the breathability of linen with the drape of cotton.

Another possibility is to use performance materials. What I like about performance fabrics is that they’re designed to be breathable, wick away moisture, and keep you cool under your jacket.

Consider wearing a short-sleeved polo as another alternative for your top. It’ll be cooler, more breathable, and look great.


Let’s speak about fit for a moment. In general, during the summer, you want your clothes to be a little looser. You want your jacket to be a little looser, your shirt to be a little looser, and your trousers to be a little looser in and around the crotch area, in and around the hips.

There should be no hot spots.


Let’s talk about the break while we’re on the subject of trousers.

Most guys take a quarter to a half-break, but I encourage taking no break over the summer.

You may want to roll your suit trousers as an alternative here. You should be cautious because this is going to be a really laid-back look. You might be able to rehem them. That’ll be a little more professional.

Going without a break, on the other hand, allows air to circulate closer to the bottom of the leg.


This brings us to the subject of footwear.

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The loafer may be the ideal summer shoe. There are many different types of loafers available. Loafers, on the other hand, will be easier to put on and take off, and they will be cooler because they are a lighter weight shoe.

However, if you want to bring in something a little more formal, use a darker hue, but keep in mind that perforated leather will have small holes. This is going to be a playful loafer that is still casual.

I recommend that you switch out your loafers on a regular basis. Why? Your feet will be sweating, and you don’t want to wear the same loafers over and again, since they will become distorted.

Use shoe trees; they will aid in the removal of moisture and the preservation of the loafer’s shape.

No-show socks are another easy fix. Learn to appreciate them. They’re fantastic, they protect your shoes, and they’ll keep your feet a lot cooler in the summer.

Your entire body will feel cooler if your feet are cool.

Bring in a Hat

Bring back the hat, preferably a classic Panama.

You’re bringing your own shade with you.

When it’s hot outside, when it’s sunny, and you’ll be out in the elements, you’ll want something classic Panama.

You’ll also be able to distinguish yourself from all the other males out there, who will begin to wonder why they aren’t bringing their own shade and lowering the temperature by 10 degrees.

Use Menthol Soap

Taking a cool shower is a trick that most males are aware of. However, have you heard of menthol soap?

Menthol, spearmint, or peppermint soap. This soap has a cooling effect on your skin when you use it.

I’ve used this product previously and it makes me shiver when I get out of the shower on a hot day.

It sets the tone, and you immediately feel better. You put on your clothes, go outside in the heat, and for at least an hour, you feel fine before it starts to effect you.

how to avoid sweating in a suit


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