How to Match Suits and Shoes, Men

How to Match Suits and Shoes, Men

This video provides guidance on how to match dress shoes with suits and dress pants, focusing on popular suit colors like black, navy, and gray.

The speaker mentions that light brown or tan shoes are considered overrated and advises against pairing them with dark suits. Light brown shoes are described as “tan,” “Walnut,” or “Cognac.”

The recommended dress shoe colors for suits are black, dark brown, and burgundy. These colors are said to be versatile and appropriate for more formal occasions.

For black suits, the speaker emphasizes that black shoes are the best choice. However, dark burgundy or oxblood shoes can also be paired with black suits or black dress pants.

Charcoal suits, described as very dark gray, are mentioned to look sharp with black dress shoes. While black remains the safest option, pairing charcoal suits with dark brown or burgundy shoes is considered acceptable.

Navy suits are highlighted as the most common suit color. Black shoes are recommended for a sharp look, but navy suits can also be paired with dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, or oxblood shoes. Light brown or tan shoes are not suitable for navy suits due to their dark nature.

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Medium blue suits, which are lighter than navy, offer more flexibility. They can be worn with lighter brown shoes, as well as dark brown and burgundy.

Light blue suits, specifically mentioned for summer weddings, can be paired with tan shoes. Black shoes with medium blue suits are considered bold and more fashion-forward.

Gray suits, ranging from medium gray to lighter shades, are described as easy to pair with shoes. Medium gray suits go well with black, dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, and oxblood shoes.

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Lighter gray suits can be paired with lighter brown or tan shoes and also work with burgundy and oxblood options. The speaker suggests that white sneakers can be worn with light gray suits for a more casual look.

The video briefly mentions other suit colors such as burgundy, dark green, and brown, providing some shoe pairing suggestions for each.

The speaker concludes by stating that by following the guidelines presented in the video, viewers will be able to match their dress shoes with suits and dress pants like a professional stylist.

how to match shoes with suit

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