No Socks With Suit Men

No Socks With Suit Men

This video is addressing the growing trend of men wearing suits without socks, especially when the weather becomes warmer. It acknowledges that this style choice may raise questions about its fashionability and practicality.

The video discusses the importance of choosing the right footwear to complement the no-sock look. Slip-on shoes are recommended, with a preference for sneakers due to their casual nature. Boat shoes and moccasins are also mentioned as suitable options.

Loafers are considered a step above in formality but can still be worn without showing socks, and brags and monk straps are noted as the most formal dress shoes that can be worn sockless.

It emphasizes that the choice of clothing should match the relaxed vibe of going sockless. For example, it suggests that light linen suits are perfect for this look, but heavy wool suits are not suitable due to their formality and weight.

The video highlights that most fashion experts who embrace the no-sock look don’t actually go entirely barefoot inside their shoes. Instead, they use “no-show socks” as a secret weapon.

No Socks With Suit Men

These socks provide comfort and sweat absorption while maintaining the appearance of going sockless. They are described as similar to little half-socks, covering only the toes and the bottom of the heel to keep the bottom of the foot dry.

The video advises that trousers should be hemmed slightly shorter to show a sliver of the ankle when going sockless. While most professional suits typically look best with a decent pant break, this style requires pants with only a slight break or none at all to complete the look.

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The video emphasizes that the no-sock trend is best suited for relaxed events or hot weather. It warns against wearing this style to formal occasions like black-tie events, suggesting that it may not be appropriate in such contexts.

The video closes by reminding viewers that style is a personal choice, and the key is to make fashion rules work for oneself. It encourages viewers to share their thoughts and tips in the comments section and concludes by emphasizing the importance of staying stylish.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the no-socks suit trend, covering footwear selection, clothing choices, the use of no-show socks, and the importance of considering the context of the event.

Sockless Men in Suits


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