9 Best Suit Colors For Men (Guide)

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best suit colors for men

Here I’m going to be talking about best suit colors for men.

I’m going to talk about nine suit colors, starting with the most essential and versatile and working my way down to a suit you might wish to have in case you get invited to a specific type of party.

Navy Blue

Which suit do you believe is the most frequent and versatile?

Because number one and number two could be argued, this is most likely a North American phenomenon.

Number one is navy blue, and number two is charcoal gray.

That is, however, my own preference.

Why did I choose navy blue as the first color?

This is the de facto color throughout the United States. You’ll notice it if you stroll inside any store.

The beautiful thing about that is that you can wear it because there are so many.

And navy is perfect if your objective is to blend in, if you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself, if you just want to go in there and do a fantastic job and be appreciated for the effort you put in.

Another great thing about navy is that, because it’s so versatile, if you’re getting something custom-made, if you’re getting something cut to fit you, if you’re going with something a little more fashion-forward, you can actually have fun with some of the style aspects while still keeping it in that simple navy blue.

Really, it won’t stand out too much.

For example, I knew a gentleman who purchased a two-button navy blue suit, but all of his jackets had peak lapels, and it looked incredibly good.

It appeared to be a standard navy suit, but the fit was great, and he wore peak lapels, which gave him a very good look.

Charcoal Gray

Let’s switch to charcoal gray now.

One of the criticisms of navy is that it can make a young man appear younger.

If you’re a young male, charcoal gray is an excellent choice.

It will give you a more mature appearance and make you appear more respectable. It’s incredibly simple to match, which is fantastic.

Because it’s on a grayscale, or a black-and-white scale. Because it is colorless, you may mix and match it with a variety of hues.

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However, if you’re an older man, this can be an issue. If you’re a light-skinned male, gray can practically detract from your appearance, so use it with caution.

However, like the navy suit, it is extremely flexible. It’s one of the most popular suits on the market, and you can purchase a charcoal gray version almost anywhere.


There’s a distinction to be made between charcoal gray and gray. Cambridge gray is what I’m referring to.

Because it’s a medium gray, it’ll be a touch lighter than charcoal, but Cambridge gray is just as adaptable.

I like these three suits at the top because if you had these three and doubled them and changed a couple things about the style, you’d end up with six suits.

You could triple them and modify up a few other details on the style, such as adding a ticket pocket here and there, opting for a lapel instead a two-button, or adding a double breasted.

Suddenly, you’ve got nine suits in three different colors.

That would be a really adaptable clothing, to be honest.

Medium gray, often known as Cambridge gray, is less formal than charcoal gray or even navy blue since it is lighter.

But, to be honest, there are very few places on the planet where that would ever be an issue, so you can wear it pretty much anywhere you would wear the other two suits.

Light Gray

Now we’ll go on to the fourth suit, which is light gray.

Light gray is noticeably lighter than its counterparts. This looks excellent in the summer, fall, and spring, but not so good in the winter.

It’s just that in the cold, you don’t want to be wearing light colors.

You can definitely stand out in light gray, but it is a more casual suit.

However, because I’m presuming you currently have five to six suits in your closet, you may wear them Monday through Friday.

You’ll be able to pull this off with ease if you wear a fantastic light gray suit, which is available in many locations, especially during the warmer months.

It’ll help to break up the monotony of dark suits.

Another advantage of light-colored suits is that you may begin to incorporate patterns that are much more noticeable, allowing you to have more fun.

You could even use a herringbone pattern, which is a little easier to spot. It’ll add some texture to you.

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I particularly enjoy the light gray, which is why I ranked it fourth.

Best Suit Colors For Men


Some of you have probably been thinking, “Where is this suit?” because you have it in your closet, possibly because it was your first suit.

It’s black.

I’m not going to say that black is the best color for everyone’s skin tone.

If you have black hair, I prefer it. You can typically pull it off if you have a darker complexion.

I dislike the color black on light-skinned, red-haired gentlemen.

It’s only something that can pull a tiny amount of color from them, but black deserves a high ranking, and I gave it one.

Because I don’t believe it is the foundation suit, I could have pushed it down.

If you’re ordering black tie, however, black must be present.

If you’re going to wear a tuxedo or anything similar, go with black.

When it comes to black suits, I don’t think they’re really versatile since they stand out so much against everything else you’re wearing.

I do have a black suit that I mostly wear to funerals and other formal occasions.

Dark Brown

From number five to number six, dark brown, let’s go.

“In town, don’t wear brown.” That rule will be repeated.

If you have brown hair, if you’re a little darker or if you have a rudder in your complexion, blonde hair, I think you can pull it off.

This is fantastic; in fact, I believe it adds some color.

Now, with brown, you have to be careful since it’s clearly not a formal suit, so don’t wear one if you’re visiting someone in New York City or attending an event.

You might be able to get away with it if you’re creative and everyone is dressed casually, but keep in mind that this is a more casual suit color.

Wear it with a gold tie, though. Begin to incorporate a couple more lavender hues into the shirts.

Wow, all of a sudden! It’s a fantastic sixth suit to have, in my opinion.


The seventh color will be tan, which is technically a tint of brown.

However, if you want a lighter tone, you can go khaki or tan.

I don’t think this should be one of your top suits, but I do think it’s a nice secondary suit to have next to the light gray suit in the correct situation, especially in the summer when it’s hot outside.

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It can liven up a suit-wearing man’s wardrobe, especially if he wears suits Monday through Friday.

True Blue

This is the hue that Prince William wears. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, does the same feat. This hue appears to be popular among Russians.

True blue is much more common throughout Europe and portions of Asia.

It’s more difficult to come by.

One of the reasons I give it such a low grade, despite the fact that I like it, is because it’s quite difficult to find, especially for light-skinned, red-haired, blonde gentlemen.

The majority of you will have to go custom if you want a suit like this.

This sort of cloth is produced by a small number of firms.


Who is the last name on the list? The suit in white.

Unless you’re Tom Wolfe, who made the white suit his hallmark appearance, the white suit is going to be a bit of an oddball.

It’ll be something that will grab immediate notice to you.

If you’re invited to a white party – a white summer party has become trendy in recent years – or if you truly want to draw attention to yourself and are giving a presentation or a speech, go for it.

However, it would not be one of my first 15 suits. That would most likely be a little lower down.

Gentlemen, you’re not going to catch me in a white suit.

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