How To Clean Suits at Home

How To Clean Suits at Home

In this video, the speaker provides detailed instructions on how to clean a wool suit without resorting to dry cleaning.

Here are more specific details:

  • Wool Suit Characteristics:
    • The speaker emphasizes that most made-to-measure and custom-made suits are crafted from wool or wool blends.
    • Wool fabric doesn’t respond well to dry cleaning, which leads to the exploration of alternative cleaning methods.
  • Using a Clothes Brush:
    • A clothes brush with both hard and soft sides is recommended. The hard side is used to brush with the nap of the cloth, removing dust, dirt, and dried mud.
    • Regular brushing not only keeps the suit clean but also redistributes natural oils within the wool, enhancing the material’s longevity.
  • Spray Bottle Method:
    • A spray bottle filled with filtered water is suggested. This water is used to rehydrate and lift out dried stains that couldn’t be removed by brushing alone.
    • The rehydration process helps to return the stain to its natural state, making it easier to lift out with a soft, clean, and preferably lint-free cloth.
  • Mild Soap Technique:
    • In case stains persist, a mild soap (similar to facial soap) is recommended. The cloth is dampened, and the soap helps break up oil-based stains into droplets, making it easier to lift them out.
    • This method avoids harsh chemicals and industrial processes, providing a gentler yet effective cleaning solution.
  • Avoiding Dry Cleaners (If Possible):
    • The speaker advises viewers to consider dry cleaners as a last resort for custom-made suits. If using a dry cleaner is necessary, it’s suggested to opt for spot cleaning services or inform the cleaner about the wool material for a milder cleaning process.
  • Steam Cleaning and Proper Storage:
    • Steam cleaning is highlighted as a method to rehydrate dried sweat in the suit, allowing it to naturally evaporate. Various tools, including steamers, steam irons, and specialized garment steamers, can be used for this purpose.
    • Proper storage is emphasized, recommending suit coat hangers with broad shoulders to maintain the suit’s shape. Using wire coat hangers is discouraged as they can misshape the suit irreversibly.
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How To Clean Suits at Home How To Clean Suit Jacket & Pants at Home


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