Men’s Black Suit Color Combinations with Shirts & Ties

Men's Black Suit Color Combinations

This video provides detailed guidance on how to effectively style and accessorize a black suit for various formal events or professional settings.

  1. Introduction to the Challenge: The video begins by highlighting the common misconception that anyone can easily wear a black suit. It emphasizes the importance of considering shirt, tie, shoes, and accessories to avoid a lackluster or uncoordinated appearance.
  2. Classic White Shirt: The video suggests starting with a classic white shirt, a safe choice suitable for all formal events. It recommends pairing this white shirt with either a gray or black tie for a traditional and timeless look.
  3. Adding Color: To infuse some color into the ensemble, the video recommends considering shirt colors beyond white, such as pink, blue, and gray. It explains that introducing color to the shirt and tie combination should align with basic color wheel schemes, such as monochrome, analogous, or contrasting colors.
  4. Specific Color Combinations: The video provides specific examples of color combinations. For instance, if you opt for a pink shirt, it suggests tie choices like pink for monochrome, red or purple for analogous, and navy for a contrasting look. Similar recommendations are made for pairing a black suit with a light blue shirt.
  5. Making a Statement: The video encourages viewers to make a bold statement by choosing contrasting shirts like light green, yellow, or gray. It suggests balancing these vibrant choices with navy or black ties.
  6. Patterns and Stripes: For those looking to add more personality to their attire, the video recommends incorporating stripes or patterns into the dress shirt. Vertical stripes are highlighted as a classic option, with thinner stripes signifying a more formal appearance.
  7. Accessorizing: The video discusses how accessories can elevate the overall look. It mentions that a simple white or cream pocket square keeps the classic black suit appearance, while a patterned pocket square that contrasts with the shirt or tie can add vibrancy.
  8. Shoes: Footwear is not overlooked, as the video mentions that black leather dress shoes are a safe choice. However, it suggests considering brown shoes for a more modern look, with the caveat that they should complement the suit and tie colors.
  9. Final Note: The video concludes by reminding viewers that these guidelines serve as a starting point, and mastering the black suit ultimately comes with experience. It invites viewers to share their thoughts on the color combinations discussed and encourages them to like and subscribe to the channel.
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In essence, the video offers comprehensive advice on selecting the right shirt, tie, accessories, and shoes to create a polished and stylish appearance when wearing a black suit, while also providing specific color and pattern combinations to consider.

Men's Black Suit Color Combinations


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