Suit, Shirt & Tie Combo Color Combinations

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Suit, Shirt & Tie Combo Color Combinations

This video discuses suit, shirt and tie color combinations. It emphasizes the significance of selecting appropriate color combinations to enhance one’s appearance, exuding class and elegance.

The video stresses how the right color combination can make an individual look classy, elegant, and presentable. It also points out that approximately 90% of suits available in the market come in navy blue, gray, or black, indicating their timeless and universal appeal.

White and light blue shirts are highlighted as classic choices that complement most suits. Additionally, the video suggests that adding a touch of color, such as a pale pink or lavender shirt, can add personality to the outfit. The importance of considering the suit color when choosing a shirt is emphasized.

The video delves into the concept of the color wheel, which categorizes colors into warm and cool tones. It explains that mixing these tones can create visually pleasing combinations and discusses the characteristics of warm and cool colors.

The video explains four basic scheme patterns:

  1. Monochromatic Scheme: All components (suit, shirt, and tie) are of the same color family but in different shades. An example provided is a navy suit with a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie.
  2. Analogous Scheme: Colors that are similar in warmth and are adjacent on the color wheel. For instance, pink shirts and purple ties, which are analogous colors, can be paired with navy or maroon suits.
  3. Triadic Scheme: Colors that are three slots apart on the color wheel. Red and blue are given as an example, explaining why red ties complement blue and navy suits well.
  4. Complementary Scheme: Colors that are opposite on the color wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange.
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The video provides specific examples of how different suits can be paired with shirts and ties based on the color schemes. For instance, a black suit can be paired with any tie color, while a gray suit can be matched with a navy tie for a monochromatic look, a purple tie for an analogous look, or a red tie for a contrasting effect.

The video emphasizes that while these guidelines are essential, mastering color combinations comes with experience. The ultimate goal is to create a cohesive, stylish, and personal look that boosts confidence and allows individuals to express their unique style.

Suit, Shirt & Tie Combo Color Combinations

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