How Should a Men’s Suit Fit

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how should a men's suit fit

The suit is, without a doubt, the peak of men’s fashion. But what is the secret to looking great in a suit? Instead of Michael Scott, how do you look like James Bond?

Surprisingly, neither the fabric nor the finest style elements are to blame.

It’s all about the fit, in the end.

A well-fitting suit will broaden your shoulders, narrow your waist, and make you appear taller and more powerful.

A bad fit, on the other hand, will make you look like a youngster wearing his father’s suit.

In this post, I’ll show you what to look for in a suit that fits perfectly.

The Shoulders

Let us begin with the shoulders.

The shoulders are the most crucial part of the body to get right. This is one of the few sections of the suit that cannot be altered or tweaked to make it more comfortable for you.

It’s critical to obtain the perfect fit right away.

The seam should be just where the shoulder bone meets the border of your shoulder.

If the seam has now hiked up your shoulder, you’ll need to move up a size. Similarly, if the seam is hanging down your arm, you should size down.

The Torso

Let’s talk about the torso next.

The fundamental element to looking strong and fit in your suit is a nice fit in the torso.

A suit with a large waist does no one any favors. You should take your jacket to a tailor if you can easily fit more than a fist inside it once it’s buttoned up. The waist can be narrowed by two or three inches with the help of a qualified tailor.

However, how can you tell whether the jacket is too tight?

It will be tough to button it up, which is a simple way to tell. However, an X pattern in the fabric around the buttons is a more subtle clue.

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This indicates that the waist is overly tight and straining on the cloth. The ideal fit will hug your torso closely, but the fabric will not tug or bunch.

The Sleeve Length

Let’s talk about sleeve length next.

If the sleeve extends past your knuckles, you should get them altered or try a different size or brand. Similarly, if it sits well over the wrist bone, it’s unquestionably too short.

Between a quarter and a half inch of your shirt cuff should be visible.

Remember, this is a simple alteration for your tailor to make, and it improves the overall appearance of your suit.

The Sleeve Width

Let’s talk about sleeve width now.

Large, saggy sleeves are unattractive. You don’t want a lot of extra fabric hanging around.

Don’t be frightened to get your roomy sleeves slimmed down by your tailor.

It’s time to size up if the sleeves are so tight that the fabric is tugging and you’re having difficulties flexing your arms.

The ideal fit will sit close to your arm but will not feel confining or tight.

Length of Jacket

Let’s move on to the length of the jacket.

Your jacket should be just long enough to cover your backside. If it goes too much beyond that, it will make your legs appear unusually short.

Similarly, if your jacket is excessively short, it will make you appear as if you borrowed your younger brother’s suit.

The Waist

Let’s discuss about the waist on those trousers.

The waist of your trousers should be a comfortable fit for you. It won’t even be necessary to wear a belt to keep the perfect fit in place.

Get the waist taken in by a tailor if you have too much spare fabric. If the waist is unbearably tight, you should certainly go up a size.

The Seat

Let’s get down to business with the seat. It’s not attractive to have a bunch of extra textiles trailing about your butt. However, the seat shouldn’t be so snug that you’re concerned you’ll split your pants open every time you sit down.

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The ideal fit will sit tight to your body while still allowing you to sit and move freely.

How a Suit Should Fit Men Guide

Leg Width

Let’s talk about the trousers’ width. The leg of your suit trousers should not be too big. Either have it altered by a tailor or purchase a slimmer cut.

Your trousers, on the other hand, should not fit like skinny jeans. You don’t want them to be too clingy.

You can choose between a slim or a straight fit for your suit trousers, depending on your personal style.

Trouser Length

Let’s talk about the length of the trousers.

Fabric pools flowing over your shoes seem messy. You need to have your pants hemmed.

Also, avoid suits that expose your ankles. It might be a fashionable appearance for summer clothes, but it’s not a good option for a business suit.

With a bunch of extra fabric bunching, the right fit will cover the top of your shoes.

There is some leeway here for personal preference. Whether you prefer a traditional full break or a more streamlined no break, we’ve got you covered.

You now know how to find the right suit for you and how a men’s suit should fit.

How To Match Dress Shoes With A Suit

Let’s get this party started with a navy blue suit.

Darker shoes, such as black, dark brown, or oxblood, go well with the navy blue suit and its formal aspect.

All of these hues go well with your navy blue suit.

A lighter brown or tan might be a good match for the navy blue suit.

This isn’t generally advised due to the formal aspect of the navy blue suit. However, those of you who are a little more fashion-forward may be able to pull this off.

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The charcoal gray suit is the next stop.

I’m wearing a charcoal gray suit because it’s one of the most formal suit colors available.

I would suggest that you wear your black-toned darker shoes.

As a result, black shoes with oxblood will be the greatest match.

Dark brown and lighter brown or tan will be a terrible match for the charcoal gray suit. You can get away with that in a pinch, but I’d suggest checking out the other options.

The medium and light gray suit is the next destination.

Black, dark brown, and oxblood shoes will look wonderful with a light gray or medium gray suit.

My preferred colors are oxblood and black, but you can also go with dark brown.

A lighter tan will make an acceptable match.

The brown suit is our next stop.

Oxblood, dark brown, and light brown are excellent matches for the brown suit.

If you’re wearing a brown suit, you’ll want to match your shoes to the color of the suit.

A pair of black shoes will look terrible with a brown suit. You don’t want to blend black and brown together.

Last but not least, there’s the black outfit.

A black pair of shoes is the ideal complement to a black suit.

It just complements the suit’s formality and is the only shoe color you should wear with it.

Some fashion-forward men try to pull off a black suit with dark brown, oxblood, or lighter tan.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a classic style, and I’d steer clear of it.

men's suit fit guide

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