How to Look More Muscular Than You Are (5 Tips)

How to Look More Muscular Than You Are

I adore exercising. I go to the gym almost every day. I love it so much.

However, if there is a minor tweak I can make to my outfit to make me look more muscular, you can bet that I will do it.

I mean, why wouldn’t I?

That is the main topic of this article.

I want to talk about five instant hacks that you can apply to your outfit right now to look more muscular, whether or not you’re going to the gym every single day.

Naturally, nothing can take the place of actually going to the gym. So maybe you should get some exercise if you’ve been lounging around munching chips all day.

But these tricks undoubtedly come in handy.

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Wear White

The first piece of advice I have is to dress in white.

It’s a well-known fact that wearing black makes you look slimmer. Many people enjoy wearing black because it makes them appear slimmer.

When it comes to white, the same thing occurs, but the result is different.

White will give you a stronger, thicker, and generally larger appearance. It broadens your frame.

Wearing white is the way to go, therefore, if you’re a skinnier guy seeking to look a little bit bigger, more threatening, or more muscular.

This is good news. It is white rather than orange, red, or either of those colors. Anyone can look fantastic in white clothing. It matches everything.

This advice is quite simple, and you may use it right away.

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Don’t Wear Baggy Shirts

The second tip is to refrain from wearing baggy shirts.

I am fully aware that wearing baggy shirts and jeans is popular right now. But it comes and goes, just like every other trend.

It just so happens that your benefits are obscured by this trend. If you’re wearing a large, baggy shirt, it’s difficult to discern any definition in your body.

If you want to look bigger, you should avoid wearing anything that hangs loosely on your body because it makes you look slender.

You cannot see your triceps or biceps if the sleeve is too long. Your forearms are the only thing exposed.

There is no chest definition if the shirt is excessively baggy. There is no shoulder definition visible.

My suggestion is to purchase a couple baggy t-shirts if you want to be in trend. But keep in mind that even if you wear them, you won’t appear muscular, even if you’ll look fantastic.

Unless your forearms are really shredded, it’s difficult to look muscular through a baggy shirt.

Stitching and Cut of Shirts

Number three is always look at the stitching and the cut of the t-shirt. T he way the t-shirt fits.

The shoulder seam is a simple illustration. It should end exactly where your shoulder does. It would look too baggy if it were a little bit lower than that and extended beyond your shoulders.

It’s a trend, as I mentioned, but there would be no shoulder definition at all.

Cover Your Neck

Cover your neck is my third piece of tip for you guys.

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Men frequently focus on their chest, shoulders, or arms. But in the end, if you have a skinny neck, you can actually tell that the guy is not as big as he appears to be.

For instance, you undervalue the importance of actually wearing a turtleneck.

Simply because that turtleneck looks so damn good, guys.

In the winter, I often wear turtlenecks. It just has a classic, yet modern, sharp, beautiful, and clean appearance.

Purchase a few turtlenecks for the winter. Despite being a slimming color, black will undoubtedly make you look amazing.

The turtleneck is very attractive.

If you’re a little overweight as well, I’d actually advise wearing a black turtleneck because it does make you look more toned and hides a little bit of the extra weight that you have around your neck. But it makes you slimmer down as well.

Henley Shirt

Another technique to appear larger up here is by wearing polo shirts, which also partially cover your neck.

The Henley is another type of t-shirt that will unquestionably make you look bigger.

Henley t-shirts were the first t-shirts I bought that weren’t crew necks when I initially started getting into fashion, as I can recall.

I can still remember it being a white Henley, and my initial reaction was that I looked bigger in it because it was white—tip number one of this article. It was also a Henley, which is tip number five.

I was employing two tips at once. I noticed that I appeared bigger right away and that this is now my go-to shirt.

Provided you’re on the slimmer side, a Henley shirt can look great, but only if you’re not wearing anything extremely tight.

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You will actually demonstrate how thin you are if you are wearing clothing that is extremely tight overall because it literally hugs you and reveals your exact definition.

Purchase something that appropriately hugs your body, is what I would advise.

They’re just a step up from a t-shirt, something a bit different, something more classy, and it’s just one of those shirts that every guy should have in his closet.

I adore the Henley because it just exudes strength and masculinity.

According to the ladies, Henleys are also rather attractive.

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