How to Refine Your Style (3 Simple Hacks)

How to Refine Your Style

Here I want to talk about three things that you can do to refine your style.

They’re very simple, nothing complicated. Once you understand what these three things are, you’ll be very pleased with the results once you give them a try.

Dimple in Tie Knot

The first thing to refine your style is very simple – it’s just a dimple in your tie knot.

A tie without a dimple looks very plain and there’s not really a lot of flair there. But if you just take a few moments to adjust your tie and make a simple dimple, a simple gesture like this will really give your suit a little bit of something extra.

I think that the other people will notice that you are a little bit more experienced in the style arena.

To create a dimple, pinch the fabric while tightening the knot.

Collar Underneath Lapel

The next thing that I’m going to suggest for you is that you pay attention to ensure that your collar is underneath your lapel.

Even in some great ads of the great suit brands, there are these short little stubby collars and it forms a separation to the eye in this area and the flow and proportion looks just a little off.

So if you just take the time and make sure when you buy a shirt, you bring your jackets, and you just make sure that color of your shirt falls nicely underneath the lapel.

It makes a world of difference and how you appear in your suit.

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An exception to this rule of making sure the collar is underneath the lapel is when you have a club collar or you have a collar with a collar pin or you have a button underneath the collar to secure the collar up against the fabric.

Forget everything I said if your collar is actually designed to be shorter than a longer collar that would come up under the lapel. Just make sure the collar sticks to the fabric on your shirt.

Combining Patterns

The next point that I’d like you to remember and it is going to sound complex but it’s really fairly simple, and that is pay attention to how you combine patterns.

There’s a rule that really started with the study of aesthetics.

It said that when you have different patterns, you have to make sure they’re the same size.

Let me explain.

I have a check in my tweed jacket and it’s big check, and I would intentionally pair a tie that has flowers that are spaced, have big spaces in between the flowers.

It’s very simple. I have different patterns but there are big spaces in between the patterns. I just make sure they’re in alignment in that way. Very easy to do.

Imagine that I’m wearing small designs. For example, if I have small checks, many checks on my jacket. I would take a tie and I would make sure that it’s got many small patterns on it.

This way it’s very easy on the eye because that consistency is always there in dimension or sizes.

What I just described was when you’re working with different patterns, remember a different pattern same scale.

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Let’s say you’re wearing all the same pattern. Let’s say I’m wearing all stripes.

In this situation you’re going to do totally the reverse.

If I have wide stripes on the jacket, and say I’m wearing a regimental tie (those styles don’t exactly go together but it’s for the sake of an example), I’m gonna have just a little bit of smaller stripes going across the tie.

And then if I’m going really far with the stripes, I’m also wearing a striped shirt. I would have many stripes on my shirt.

So wide stripes on the jacket, medium stripes in the regimental tie and many stripes on the shirt.

This is a way that you can combine the same pattern.

So the esthetic rule is same pattern different scale, different patterns same scale.

It’s not so complicated and I hope you give it a try.

Expressing Your Own Style

When we talk about expressing our own style, whatever you do make sure it has meaning and make sure it somehow creates emotion, even if that emotion is just being created within your own self.

I’ll give you a few examples.

The first thing is to wear items, from time to time, that are passed down, either from a family member or a friend. When you do things like this, it makes a statement.

It can be a heirloom such as the pocket watch. That would be joy to wear and something that stick

Another example would be mixing the same color but different tones. It can be tones you would never imagine being put together. It can be a shock blue pants and a navy blue jacket. It looks wonderful.

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Another thing that’s sort of odd that maybe you haven’t thought about is you can look at imperfections as a way to express your style.

Old money people would let their collars on their shirts fray and get some threads becoming bare, and wear that as a point of expressing the fact that they treasure these shirts.

Finally, finding your signature in your wardrobe, something that probably you only do. Maybe a few other people, but mainly you.

I know a person who is making his signature by wearing a tie bar on his shirt cuff. It’s not so obvious, but if he raises his hand up, someone may ask him about it. It’s meaningful, it creates emotion.

So think about what can you do that’s different.

How to Express Your Style


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