How to Look Wealthy & Expensive

How to Look Wealthy & Expensive

This video provides tips on how to look wealthy and expensive through fashion choices.

The speaker begins by stating that style can be used to send certain signals to other people, and sometimes it makes sense to put forth a certain image or to project a certain status. For example, if someone is in sales, it would behoove them to look successful because people want to trust that they are good at what they do.

The speaker mentions that money can function as a symbol for virtues such as intelligence and hard work, and although money is a flawed indicator, in general, we associate wealth with competence. However, the speaker notes that even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes, you can still look expensive.

The speaker then begins to list the seven tips to look wealthy and expensive. These tips include wearing subdued colors, adding texture, choosing patterns carefully, investing in timeless pieces, tailoring your clothes, investing in quality shoes, and paying attention to grooming.

The speaker explains each tip in detail, giving examples of fabrics, patterns, and specific clothing items to consider. The speaker emphasizes that less is more when it comes to looking wealthy and that understated subtlety and patina are key.

The video concludes with the speaker encouraging viewers to experiment with the tips and find what works best for them.

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