How to Look More Manly With These 9 Accessories

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How to Look More Manly

When it comes to the accessories, they are what make the outfit look complete and put together.

A simple t-shirt, some jeans, and a jacket are pieces of clothing that virtually everyone can wear on.

The accessories will make you stand out from the crowd and elevate your aesthetic.

But not all accessories were made equally. Some accessories, like earrings, give you a somewhat more feminine appearance. Earrings, in comparison to other types of accessory, are unquestionably considered to be more feminine.

However, the nine accessories I’m going to discuss in this essay are the most manly ones a guy can put on.

Double Ring Belt

A double ring belt is the first one. In terms of belts, I believe it to be an extremely manly and masculine option to go with.

Don’t get me wrong. Although I love all belts, I especially love the double ring belt’s subtle, simple masculinity. It’s a simple, masculine belt that I feel looks amazing.

The internet is going to be your finest resource for finding double ring belts. J.Crew had a great one that I found. You might also have someone who owns a leather shop make one for you to your specifications.

Baseball Hat

A baseball hat is the second incredibly manly accessory that a guy can wear.

Here’s the deal.

Despite the fact that I look absolutely ridiculous wearing one, I still think most other guys look fantastic when sporting one.

I would not advise flipping them around to face backwards. That gives you a slightly more youthful and undoubtedly immature appearance.

I think a baseball hat is one of the most manly accessories a guy can wear.

You have to know how to wear it properly, you shouldn’t wear it all the time, and you definitely shouldn’t wear it while you’re entering a good restaurant.

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But when it comes to accessories, a baseball cap is a surefire winner.


A great watch is unquestionably the third most masculine accessory a guy can wear.

The solid steel sports watch is, in my opinion, the most masculine type of timepiece.

Which brings up another issue, namely the size of the watch face. For most males, 40 millimeters is the ideal size. On most men, a 36 millimeter watch will appear slightly more feminine.

I would choose a case that is at least 38 millimeters in diameter if your wrist is super small.

Remove the steel strap from your watch and add it with a black NATO strap for another attractive way to wear it. It’s a great approach to give that watch a more casual look while also adding a fun, super-masculine pop.

The steel sports watch is also ideal in my opinion because you can dress it down with some jeans and a basic t-shirt. Additionally, dress up your sports watch with a sharp suit, and it will look amazing.

In terms of manly accessories, the solid steel sports watch is unquestionably a must-have.

Black Tie

The fourth option is a straightforward, solid black tie. One of the most manly ties a man can wear. It looks amazing with light gray, but when boosted with charcoal, it also looks incredibly sexy.

The black tie is flawless.


A stylish pair of sexy sunglasses is item number five. However, not all sunglasses are created equal. Some are designed to be masculine and attractive, while others are designed to be somewhat more feminine.

Classic sunglasses with solid black lenses are the height of masculinity. They look great on almost everyone else as well.

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You might choose a lens with a slight gradient if you want to mix things up a bit and don’t want to go with a full black lens. It has a little older, movie star-like appearance.

The tortoise with the gradient lens is another of my all-time favorite combination.

Slim Wallet

The sixth item on the list is a super sexy and masculine slim wallet. It’s time to improve your style and masculinity if you already sport a huge, fat wallet.

The slim minimalist wallet is, in my opinion, a need for any fashionable man. Your clothing are going to look a lot nicer with the slim wallet than they would with the standard wallet.

The slim minimum wallet that isn’t overstuffed fits well in your front pocket, inside your jacket pockets, as opposed to carrying a big fat wallet that jacks up your lines and your sensuality.


A nice masculine pen is, in my opinion, the seventh accessory for men that every guy should own.

I love my Montblanc pen. Sincerely, I feel a little bit cooler whenever I take it out to write something. It’s just a good way to carry something with a little bit of a story and to appear a little bit more refined.

Because almost everyone has a story about their pen, whether it was a gift, something you bought for a special occasion, or to commemorate a moment in your life.

Grab a pen if you don’t already have one. In terms of writing, I can assure you that it is at the next level. A pen like this is significantly more masculine than a regular pen.


Ring is the eighth item. One of the most masculine accessories a guy may wear, in my opinion, is a great masculine ring.

A signet ring is a great choice. Your initial is not required to be in it. You can choose another design.

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In my opinion, a manly ring is a fantastic piece of accessory to have. If your watch and ring match, it would be fantastic.

Let’s talk about how many rings you should be rocking on each hand since we’re on the subject. In my opinion, you should only wear one ring at a time on each hand.

Multiple rings are worn by some men. In all honesty, I believe it to be a bit excessive. For me, one ring per hand is the ideal number.

Leather Bag

A leather bag is the final accessory that I feel is absolutely super masculine and that every guy needs.

The leather bag is just an exceptionally stylish method for men to transport their belongings.

This bag is not one that I carry about with me every single day. A lot of my belongings are in a canvas bag that I own. However, I carry my leather bag when I’m heading to a meeting, getting dressed up, or simply trying to impress someone.

Not only does it look fantastic, but it also instantly increases your sense of security, maturity, and manliness.

That’s all, gentlemen. The nine most manly accessories a guy may wear


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