What Color is Most Flattering On Me?

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What Color is Most Flattering On Me?

This article is all about finding colors that are most flattering for you.

A tiny bit of science is involved here. I came up with a few techniques that can actually help in determining which hues will look best on you.

Please keep in mind, however, that despite being based on scientific data, this is still heavily influenced by opinion.

You are not required to follow these guidelines at all times.

For those of you looking for guidelines, here are just a few guidelines. I may not always agree with each and every color they suggest.

There are some of those colors that I truly love, some that don’t suit me, and some that I received many compliments on, even though they aren’t among my color-perfect selections.

6 Ways to Identify Your Tone

You may identify whether you have a cool tone, a warm tone, or a neutral tone in a few different ways.

Once you’ve determined which category you belong to, I’ll have some color choices for you based on your hair, skin, eye color, and other factors. At the very least, it will provide you with a starting point.


Looking at your veins is the first thing you can do.

You are probably a cool person if your veins are more purple and blue in color.

You are likely to be more of a warm person if your veins are more greenish or brownish in color.

The inside of your wrist is the best location to truly examine. Just check to see if it leans more toward purple, blue, or green coloration.

I lean a little more toward the neutral side because I tend to see more purple colors, but I also notice turquoise.

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When you go through these many processes that I’m going to give you, by putting them all together, that’s actually what’s going to help you determine which of these you are.


Cool Skin Tone


Warm Skin Tone


Another method for testing your skin tone is to wear jewelry. Hold some silver and gold jewelry up to your face, alternating between the two.

Check which one complements your skin tone and hair color the best.

You are more of a warm-toned person if you find that you are drawn to those gold jewelry pieces.

You will have a cool skin tone if you find that you really like the way those silvers contrast with your skin and hair.

I discovered after taking this test that I belong in the neutral tone category. I frequently wear a mixture of silvers and golds since I appreciate both of those colors.

Hair and Eye Color

Examining your hair and eye color is the next quick test you may do to determine if you have a cool tone or a warm tone.

Most people with cool skin tones have blue or green eyes. Their eyes may be greyish. They can even have darker eyes, but typically have blonde or brown hair with stronger violet undertones. Even though the hair is darker, it has more violet undertones.

Your cool tones will be those of cool-haired blondes with a base that is more white or purple than bright yellow.

People with warm tones tend to have eyes that are darker, whether they be brown, amber, or even black.

Their hair will typically be brown, red, or black with some overtones of orange or yellow.

Neutral Color Test

You can also take this quick test if you’re still not sure if your skin tone is cool, warm, or neutral. The neutral color test is what it’s called.

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Look in your closet to discover if you tend to wear a lot of black and stark white apparel. If yes, you most likely belong to the cool crowd.

In contrast, if you have a greater proportion of ivory, off-white, brown, or tans, you are probably a warm-toned person.

If you have a combination of both, like I have, you unquestionably fall into that neutral category.

You will intuitively and subconsciously gravitate toward colors that you appreciate and enjoy.

How Do You Tan?

The next one is quite simple to help you figure out, and it has to do with how your skin responds to exposure to the sun.

People with cool skin tones are more likely to burn easily or turn pink, or at the absolute least, to burn before tanning.

Warm-toned people are the fortunate ones who have bronze skin that rapidly and easily turns bronze when they are exposed to the sun. They don’t actually tend to burn.

If you are neutral, you might be like me and notice that the sun makes some portions of you somewhat more sensitive. To give you an example, if I’m not careful, my face can start to go a little red. However, I do a very good job at tanning my arms and legs.

I don’t instantly step outside for a few minutes in the sun and burn to a crisp.

I also tend to identify more with a neutral for this reason.

Celebrity Comparisons

Finding the celebrity you most closely identify with is an excellent way to determine what skin tone you have.

You might be able to relate to Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, or Anne Hathaway if you have a cool complexion.

You might truly identify with Beyonce, J. Lo, or Jessica Alba if your skin tone is warmer.

You might actually discover that celebrities with neutral skin tones, like Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel, or Jennifer Aniston, appear more like you.

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What Are The Most Flattering Colors?


Cool look best in jewel tones – pure white, black, blue and true pink


Warm look best in earth tones – ivory, brown, yellow, orange and green

Think carefully about what makes you feel most beautiful and what colors make you look your best in clothing as a final step in determining which colors are the most flattering for you.

Which colors have you gotten the most compliments on when you’ve worn them before?

If you have warm skin tones, you may find that you are particularly drawn to things that have warmer toned greens, yellows, and oranges, as well as more orangey red tones.

These can be quite flattering on warm-colored skin tones.

If you have a cooler skin tone, you’ll probably discover that you look best in vivid blues and emerald green.

Then there are colors that are aesthetically flattering to everyone. Across the board, they will be effective for everyone. True crimson, blush pink, and jewel tones like emerald green, amethyst purple, and ruby red are among these colors.

Just keep in mind that you should wear a color that you genuinely adore and that makes you feel attractive, regardless of whether it falls into that category or not.

Simply use this as a guide to assist you.



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