Casual Outfits No Jeans (5 Ideas For Women)

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Casual Outfits No Jeans

In this article I talk about casual outfit ideas that are not jeans.

How many of you have looked through your closet and realized that all you have are jeans or work clothes?

Is there really a choice between jeans and business clothes, and there’s nothing in between?

When I don’t want to wear jeans, what do I do?

There are alternatives to jeans, and I’ll talk about five of them.

One of the things I’m attempting to do more of is make better use of the items in my closet.

It doesn’t have to be an exact match of what I’m talking about; it’s just a broad idea. You can alter the concept to suit your body type, as well as what fits and flatters you. Also, consider what you currently have in your closet, or the pieces you already own.

So, before you go out and buy something new, remember to go through your closet first.

Side Snap Track Pants

The first outfit I’d like to share is one with some pretty cool side snap track pants that doesn’t involve jeans but is still really casual, versatile, and utilitarian.

They have a larger leg, a slouchy style, and are really comfortable track pants.

I wear them with a black turtleneck with a Swiss dot fabric that is really sheer and gauzy. It’s perfect for layering because it’s lightweight, and you can wear it alone or with a cardigan layered over it.

I’m dressed in a long, almost duster-length cashmere cardigan that makes everything look so effortless, cool, and comfortable.

I could envision kicking around the house in this, but then you’d have to go to the store. I wore it with a pair of very stylish black leather sneakers.

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Cargo Skinnies

Option number two is a little more dressed up, but all of these outfits are still extremely casual.

One of my favorite tops is on me. It’s a lace top with a mock neck and puff shoulder embellishment. It’s fairly sheer, but the top has a built-in camisole with snaps that you can unsnap and separate.

I wore it with an old pair of cargo skinnies. Then, on my feet, one of my favorite pairs of Linea Paolo sneakers. It’s a wedge sneaker that adds height without compromising on comfort.

Silky Bucket Waist Pants

The next look is a lovely black and brown combination that is one of my favorite color combinations and is definitely dressier.

I could see me wearing this to the workplace and to dinner, as well as out running errands, but it’s obviously more dressed up. It’s not as laid-back as the other two.

I wanted to present you with a few possibilities.

I’m wearing a pair of silky brown bucket waist pants, also known as paper bag waist pants, in this outfit. This trouser is one of my favorites. I actually own the same pair in black.

A pair of booties are on my feet. You may wear brown flats, black flats, black heels, anything strappy, an ankle boot, or whatever else you have in your closet.

Then there’s one of my favorite Frame blouses on top.

This one is black with a smocking at the top to keep the neck from gaping, draping, or bothering you. It remains up and taut, which I like.

However, because this blouse is silk, it is quite light and tucks into anything you need it to, but it is also a very forgiving top if you want to wear it out.

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So it’s also a terrific top if you’re carrying any extra weight in the midsection; it’ll easily conceal it. It doesn’t add any bulk, which is something I really like about the blouse.

Jogger Pants

My Norma Kamali jogger pants are featured in the next look. These are dark in color. They do run a little short, which is fantastic for us shorties, but not so much for you long-legged and tall women.

The only drawback to the Norma Kamali fabric is that it tends to ball up after prolonged use. I still wear these, however the back of the pants has some balling. That’s just due to the fact that I’ve worn them so frequently for so long.

The fabric is fantastic because it’s incredibly travel-friendly, doesn’t wrinkle, and is essentially a jersey with a little spandex. It has a lovely drape and is quite easy to care for, which I appreciate.

I simply wore the joggers with a gorgeous large thick sweater. Because there are so many variations of this sweater, you can definitely find one in just about any store. I’m sure you’ve got one in your closet.

Then there’s a pair of Western booties on my feet. However, you can always wear a sneaker, a wedge sneaker, a typical pair of ankle booties, heels if you’re feeling sassy, or flats, you know. You have choices in this situation.


A style involving leggings is the last look I wanted to show you that does not feature blue jeans, black jeans, or gray jeans.

Some of you are wearing team leggings, while others are not. You’re not a fan of leggings. You’re an outspoken opponent of legging.

The secret to wearing leggings with them is to wear a top that covers everything so you don’t feel too exposed.

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As a result, a tunic-length top or sweater is always a good choice. I’m wearing a big, oversized tunic sweater, which works well with leggings since they’re so snug and fitted.

To balance out the skinniness of the pants, wear something a touch baggier and bigger on top.

Then I had a pair of lace-up suede boots on my feet. I could simply replace these boots with a pair of black booties, black Moto boots, black combat boots, or black waterproof snow boots if I wanted to seem a little bit leggier.

Whatever you’ve got or what you’ll require for the day.

Just remember that breaking up the line with boots of a different color will actually shorten your legs and make them appear shorter.

Wear the same color leggings and boots to give the illusion of a longer leg and a longer line.

I hope it sparks some ideas for things you could do that aren’t blue jeans, just to break things up a little bit, because I know you get bored wearing blue jeans all the time.

Many of us have a work wardrobe and then a pair of jeans, with nothing in between.

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