5 Color Combos For Clothes That Look Cheap

Color Combos For Clothes That Look Cheap

In this video, the speaker discusses five specific color combinations that may not look expensive when worn together. For each combination, she explains why it may not work and offers alternative ways to wear the colors for a more sophisticated and chic look.

For example, the speaker notes that red and green are commonly associated with Christmas and may give off a festive or elf-like vibe when worn together. She suggests wearing different shades of green or red, or using one color as an accent rather than wearing both colors equally.

Similarly, the speaker explains that purple and yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel, but may be too bold when worn together as an outfit. She recommends using different shades of the two colors and pairing them with white or black for a more understated look.

The speaker also provides tips on how to wear pink and green, red and yellow, and green and orange. She suggests avoiding bright and bold combinations and instead opting for muted or subtle shades of the colors. She also mentions that using prints with the colors or layering them can create a more blended and cohesive look.

Throughout the video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of finding the right shades and proportions of colors to create a polished and sophisticated appearance.

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