Trendy Colors 2024 Fashion

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trendy colors 20024 fashion

An article by Who What Wear reveals the top nine colors that will dominate the fashion scene in 2024, based on thousands of runway outfits.

1. Almost Yellow



Described as a “new neutral” with adaptability and subtle yellow tones. Seen as a wise color investment due to its versatility. Considered part of the “quiet luxury” aesthetic.

2. Pale Blue



Pale blue identified as a standout shade on the spring/summer 2024 runways. Emphasized as a universally appealing color that suits all skin tones and hair colors. Style with clashing colors for a fashionable look.

3. Every Orange

Pantone’s “Peach Fuzz” named Color of 2024. Orange shades, including soft peach, observed as a recurring theme on runways. Seen in leather and chiffon, indicating versatility.

4. Steel Grey

Despite being a classic color, grey is highlighted as a noteworthy trend. All-grey outfits noted as easy to emulate, making it a practical trend to adopt.

5. Cherry Red

A shift from pink to red tones observed, with bright red seen as more grown-up and polished. Predictions of increased popularity of red dresses in the coming summer.

6. Chocolate Brown

Brown, particularly in ’90s styles, identified as a trend with significant staying power. Brown dominates in boots, bags, shoes, and clothing across various fashion collections.

7. Snow White

White, considered a classic, is explored in different fabrications like cotton, leather, chiffon, silk, and wool. White outfits, especially dresses, expected to be a focal point for both high-street and high-end fashion.

8. Pistachio Green

Pistachio green identified as one of the key colors for 2024. Variations include sage, pistachio, laurel, celadon, or light green. Emphasizes the importance of wearing the color regardless of the specific shade.

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9. Mirror Silver

Silver, making a comeback, is a significant fashion trend. Found on trousers, dresses, bags, and shoes. Described as a full-blown obsession in 2024, extending beyond jewelry.



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