Summer Looks For Women – Do’s & Don’ts

Summer Looks For Women

In order to make dressing for the summer more manageable, I’m going to provide some straightforward do’s and don’ts for chic summer looks in this article.


For some of us, shorts are a necessity for our summer wardrobes, but they may also be disastrous.

The back view should not be overlooked if you plan to wear shorts.

Placement of pockets. comparable to on a pair of pants. is really significant. In general, pockets should be centered on the area of the bottom that is fullest.

Pockets that are angled provide curves, making you look curvier. Pockets that are closer together are much more flattering if you want to make your behind look little smaller. However, if your bottom is smaller and you’d want it to look a little bigger,. he ideal pockets are wider.

Avoid donning saggy shorts that give the impression that you have pooped your pants. Even worse would be to wear shorts that expose your bottom cheeks. It’s really not attractive to have your shorts’ bottoms sticking out.

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Do find the correct seam length. It varies for each person and is based on their height, shape, leg length, and body length.

Purchasing shorts will be lot simpler after you find your ideal inseam length.


It can be exceedingly uncomfortable to wear the wrong fabrics of clothing on a hot, humid day.

So stop using synthetic fabrics. Wear on cotton. It’s one of the greatest fabrics to wear in the summer. It absorbs perspiration, is lightweight, soft, breathable, and allows heat to escape from the body so you can keep cool. It also has a lovely appearance.

Wear on linen. Because of its lightweight weight and loose weave, it lets heat to escape from the body. Although it does crease quite quickly, linen has one drawback.

Wear on chambray. This is sometimes regarded as being imitation denim. It can look nice in the summer and is made of breathable material that absorbs moisture like cotton.

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Wear on some merino wool. Although it may not be the first material that springs to mind when thinking of summer clothing, the absorbent fibers help to control body temperature and keep you cool.

Not everybody feels right or confident wearing strappy or sleeveless tops, so if it’s not too warm where you live, then layer up in breathable fabrics.

Wear shirts made of white, colored, or printed linen or cotton. They look great with all of your summer clothing, including skirts, shorts, and pants.

However, avoid donning large clothing underneath. They have the opposite impact if you’re attempting to look leaner.

Wearing a lightweight cardigan looks great with jeans and dresses for the summer. If you don’t mind revealing your arms but still want some coverage at the bottom, a sleeveless cardigan is a fantastic layering piece.

But keep in mind the cardigan’s measurements. Certain lengths and styles will flatter some body types more than others, just as different body shapes look better to different lengths.

Silk can leave visible stains from perspiration because it doesn’t absorb it well, yet it can look great layered.

Certain fabrics, such as PVC and leather, must be avoided when it’s really hot outside.

Don’t always discount denim in the summer because it is actually a breathable fabric created from tightly woven cotton that absorbs perspiration like cotton.

Wear a looser-fitting, straight-leg jean or a thin leg jean instead of the skinny jean, which is thankfully no longer in style. On a hot day, it is much more comfortable and cool to wear.

Many people steer clear of denim since it tends to be a heavier fabric. Do take into account these other fabrics, such as seersucker, which is sometimes disregarded. It is a member of the cotton family, it is very lightweight, and it is lightly plucked.

There is jersey, which, despite my dislike, is good in the heat and doesn’t crease like linen.


Making the appropriate underwear choices is key to looking put together, no matter the season. However, since the fabrics and straps are all thinner in the summer, it can be a little bit difficult.

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Do invest in nude or skin toned underwear. Even though naked underwear doesn’t look the best, it’s necessary for wearing under those light cotton shirts and tops.

Wearing dark hues under light-colored clothing is not advised. Although it seems obvious, I see it so frequently. It doesn’t look to be very classy.

Do invest in a nude slip. Many summer clothes are incredibly transparent. Your modesty will be saved by a naked slip.

Don’t forget to check a clothing’ transparency in transparent daylight. Sometimes a dress won’t be visibly transparent until you place it in a certain light, at which point they start to show through.

Sort those bra straps, please. In the summertime, bra clips are ideal for changing the straps of various tops. Or invest money on a bra whose straps can be altered to fit a variety of tops.

Don’t wear the wrong size bra or knickers underneath summer clothing in the hope that it won’t notice. It will show and sabotage a lovely dress.


Our feet may swell up throughout the summertime, which is never a pleasant experience.

If you don’t mind displaying your toes, give open toed shoes a try. However, if you want to look classy, avoid wearing shoes if your feet don’t look their best. On toes as well as fingernails, chipped nail polish is unattractive.

Make sure your summer shoes fit properly and don’t hang over your feet or have heels that slip over the back.

Don’t wear shoes that are excessively tight, especially if they are strappy shoes, but do wear comfortable shoes because doing so will reduce swelling.

Remember that comfort is always key. Check to see if your shoes are comfortable. If you experience foot swelling in the summer, try to wear shoes made of breathable fabrics like cotton or canvas.


I enjoy wearing jewelry, like many women do, but wearing too much in the summer can be uncomfortable since it can cause the jewelry to stick to your skin in the heat.

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Don’t overburden or overstack anything because our fingers can swell in the heat just like our feet do. Wear less. One ring, necklace, or bracelet will suffice to achieve the same results while being more comfortable.

In the summer, make an effort to wear fine jewelry. Warm temperature accelerates the fading and discoloration of cheap metal jewelry.

In addition, sweating and being hot will cause lower-quality jewelry to become dull over time, which might irritate your skin.

Loose Fitting Clothing

In the summer, loose-fitting clothing is preferable, but it must still fit well.

Do look for shapely, well-cut, loose clothing that skims the body rather than clings. Also, avoid being large, saggy, or excessively big. Unless you intentionally want to look that way. But it just hangs like a bag and tends to make us look bigger.

Always check the armholes of tops. They can occasionally be exceedingly large and gaping, exposing your underwear.

Tops can be baggy without being too exposed. Wearing wide-leg pants in the summer is stylish, but avoid wearing ones that drag on the ground. It’s never a nice look whatever the season, if they’re dragging you on a dirty floor.

In the summer, hats and sunscreen are obviously necessities. Never, ever let your skin become too hot. The risks are known to all. Wear plenty of sunscreen to keep your skin protected so you can enjoy a beautiful summer season.


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