How to Look Polished and Well Put Together in The Summer

How to Look Polished and Well Put Together

In this article I’m talking about how to look polished and well put together this summer.

Let’s get going.

Wear a Balanced Outfit

Try to balance your outfit is the first summer style rule that is truly a solid rule for anytime and any season.

For a polished summer look, there are a few methods to balance your outfit.

The tank top and denim shorts have a very casual appearance, but you could substitute a more loose-fitting top or a more fitted bottom for them. Here, a skirt or pair of linen pants might also look nice.

Depending on how much skin you’re showing, you can also balance your outfit. If you’re showing a lot of skin up top, balance it off with a longer or looser bottom. Alternately, if your bottom is very minimal, balance it out with a top that is more baggy or loose-fitting.

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Of course, there are many times when looking polished is not the main objective. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look more attractive or be extremely casual at other times.

There’s an exception to this. A nice quality linen outfit can look quite nice even if it is unbalanced because linen is very flowing and loose fitting.

If both of your pieces have a body skimming design, that is also a balanced aesthetic choice.

Most people should follow these guidelines, although I’m sure there are some exceptions.

Flat Shoes With Shorter Skirt

When wearing a shorter skirt, such as a mini skirt, you should wear something flat on your shoes or a low heel, which is another rule I most definitely did not follow in my 20s.

Again, you would definitely wear the mini skirt and high heels if you were going out at night and into the town. However, I’m not really talking about those particular going-out times; rather, I’m talking to your daytime outfit.

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If you’re wearing something really short, the shorter it is, the flatter your shoe needs to be.

Nude Underwear Under White Bottoms

Make sure you’re wearing nude underwear underneath white bottoms is another rule that is great to consider for the summer.

No matter the lighting or whether you think they show through or not, you should always wear nude underwear just to be cautious.

Wear hot pink or whatever if you want to show your underwear, but if you don’t want to, going nude is always the best option.

Don’t Dismiss Denim

Another summer fashion rule is to avoid dismissing denim or relegating it to the realm of only being worn with ultra-casual beachwear.

A white button-up shirt and white denim skirt can look really put together and polished. It looks great and is the great summer outfit to pair a denim skirt with a high neck tank top.

Actually, wearing a button-down with denim shorts may be a great casual outfit that yet looks put together and polished.

I don’t believe denim is the greatest choice in many situations. Denim may definitely make your look much more casual, in my opinion. which, on occasion, you do want to be much more informal.

However, I don’t believe you should simply ignore it or say, “I’m only going to wear denim when I’m truly at the beach or grocery shopping.”

Not Showing Bra Strap

This has been debated numerous times, and I consistently get opposition, so I’ll express it in a way that might make more sense.

You generally won’t want your bra strap to be visible if you’re attempting to look polished, trendy, and put together in the summer.

Who cares if your bra straps are showing when you’re going to walk your dog or going to the grocery store? It’s no big thing.

However, if you are a person who is genuinely trying to look polished and you want people to focus on you, how you portray yourself, then you probably want to make sure your bra straps are covered. Not the best look. It simply isn’t.

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Nude Bag

We all have that one bag that we just constantly reach for because it goes with everything. This is another rule that should be followed for the majority of your outfits this summer. Typically, it is black. Try replacing that dark, heavy-colored bag with something neutral or light, such as a straw bag, a nude crochet bag, or anything similarly summery and airy.

That will just make all of the outfits you were pairing it with the black bag look lighter and summery. It just tends to look more seasonally appropriate and soften your outfit a little bit.

No Flip Flops

I own a lot of flip-flops, but I only wear them on the beach or in casual settings. Additionally, they can make your feet quite dirty, and dirty feet don’t convey a polished, put together appearance.

There are a ton of adorable sandals available. Wearing a pair of nude sandals you may put with practically anything is great. Just maintain them clean and use them in place of flip-flops when necessary.

No Heavy Makeup

There is no chance that anyone will argue with me regarding the following rule. Extremely heavy makeup will feel greasy and sweaty on your face in the summer and will also look out of place.

It’s a great idea to wear minimal makeup and switch up your foundation during the summer. Use brown eyeliner or simply lighten it up a little bit rather than using eyeliner that is extremely dark. Just somewhat more summer-appropriate in appearance.

Still, I adore a red lip. Any season, I love wearing a red lip. Particularly when worn with all-white outfits, a red lip can look great. It doesn’t have to be a heavy bronzer or foundation. Once more, we seek balance.

Accessorize Your Outfit

Forgetting to accessorize their outfits is another outfit rule that people break, ruining the entire look.

The simplest method to make even the most casual outfit look put together is to do it. Instead of just putting on some clothing and going out the door, it seems like an outfit and something you put together when you add jewelry and accessories, maybe sunglasses, perhaps a hat, and perhaps a lovely bag.

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Focus on What Fits Your Body

The most crucial of all of the rules is the last one, which is to prioritize what flatters your body type and makes you feel comfortable over fashion trends.

This is true all the time, but it’s more true in the summer when we dress much less and use much less clothing.

Make sure the clothing you choose makes you feel good, enables you to stand tall and straight, and allows you to project confidence and comfort.

Don’t wear bold colors if they don’t flatter you, make you feel uncomfortable, or make you look unflattering, even when they are in style right now. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Wearing something you believe you should be wearing would never look as good as doing that.

Bermuda shorts, according to someone I overheard, are out of style. They might be. I don’t believe that at all.

However, that is another instance where something works for a lot of people but doesn’t work for a lot of people. Even if someone says they are out of style but they look amazing on you and your body, you should still wear them.

Naturally, like with anything in fashion, if any of these guidelines don’t resonate with you, by all means, don’t adhere to them. You must dress in items that are familiar to you, make you feel good about yourself, and enhance your presence in the world.

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