Summer Outfits 2023

Summer Outfits 2023

This video discusses the summer 2023 fashion trends. It’s based on research from runways, social media, and fashion publications.

“Quiet luxury” is a popular trend characterized by simplicity, basics, and good quality items. Coachella showcased this trend with a shift towards simpler looks.

Bermuda shorts are trending despite personal reservations. They are seen on runways and popular brands like Chanel and Tom Ford.

Metallics, especially silver, continue to be a strong trend with sparkly clothing, accessories like silver pumps and handbags, giving a futuristic and edgy vibe.

Sheer garments are bold and sexy, with designers like Jack Mew, Chanel, and Versace incorporating them into their collections.

Mermaid core, inspired by the upcoming Little Mermaid movie, features aqua, purple, blue, and green colors, as well as textures like sequins and crochet, evoking a beachy and playful feel.

The color red is making a comeback, associated with boldness, sexiness, and power. It was seen on runways of brands like Acne, Valentino, and Laquan Smith.

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Crochet is a classic summer material that is perfect for creating a beachy, tropical vibe, and is available in various clothing items like skirts, dresses, and tops.

Another trend is “Pizzazz,” characterized by a lot of texture, embellishments, and bold elements such as sequins, feathers, and tulle. It’s ideal for occasion wear.

Fashion hoods, inspired by iconic looks of celebrities like Kylie Minogue, add a mysterious and unexpected touch to outfits, but may be challenging to incorporate for some.

Pockets are becoming a fashion statement, with designs featuring prominent and functional pockets on pants, shorts, and skirts, adding a utilitarian and cargo-like feel.

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