How to Take Care of a Suit (7 Mistakes)

How to Take Care of a Suit

Every man should have a nice suit in his closet. Although a quality suit is not cheap, many guys unknowingly cause harm to their suits.

I’m going to discuss with you the seven critical mistakes that will destroy your suit in this article.

Draping Up Your Suit

The first mistake, draping your suit jacket on a chair.

Although it happens a lot, this mistake is horrible for your suit jacket.

When you arrive at the office, you take off your jacket for comfort and place it over a chair’s back.

The issue is that this will harm the jacket’s shoulders. If you keep doing this, the jacket will eventually lose its natural drape because the top of the chair is forcing it into an unnatural shape.

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When you take off your jacket, it is proper practice to hang it up. Fold it in half and lay it on a flat surface instead, if that isn’t a possibility.

If you must, you can fold it and lay on a chair’s back, but you must absolutely avoid resting your shoulders on the chair.

Not Unbuttoning When Sitting

Unbuttoning suit while seated is the next mistake.

You are undoubtedly already aware of the suit buttoning rules. Leave the bottom button undone, button while standing, unbutton while seated, etc.

But aren’t those merely arbitrary stylistic guidelines? The last one is truly for the health of your jacket, even though the previous two are more about style.

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Your suit should fit closely to your body if it has been correctly tailored. This implies that you’ll be putting a lot of pressure on that button while you’re sitting.

You run the risk of both the button breaking and the jacket material deteriorating over time if you do this.

So always remember to undo the button before you sit down.

Using Wrong Hangers

The next mistake is using the incorrect hangers. Your suit jacket will be ruined by those thin wire hangers you have, which are excellent for dress shirts.

The issue is that because the entire weight of the jacket will rest on that thin wire, the shoulders will develop an abnormal shape.

Instead, purchase a broad shoulder hanger made for suits. This will support the shoulders’ natural shape and more evenly distribute the weight of the jacket.

Not Using a Garment Bag

Using no clothing bag is the next point. You should store your suit properly if you won’t be wearing it for a time.

It’s not the best idea to simply hang it in the closet. The first reason is that it will eventually start to gather dust on the shoulders. However, that really isn’t a big deal.

The jacket’s risk to moths and other insects that devour wool is the major problem.

Nothing is worse than discovering moth holes in your pricey suit.

Dust and critters will be kept out of the suit by placing it in a garment bag.

Excessive Dry Cleaning

The next mistake is overdoing the dry cleaning.

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When your suit gets soiled, you’ll need to take it to the dry cleaners because you can’t wash it.

However, dry cleaning is hard on fabric.

It will gradually deteriorate and fade due to cleaning agents.

You should avoid dry cleaning your suit too frequently if you want it to last as long as possible. Take an effort to only have it cleaned if it becomes discolored or unclean.

Simply let it to air out if there is a slight odor, or use a little Febreze to keep it fresh.

To remove any loose dust, grime, or hair, use a soft brush or a lint roller.

Wearing The Same Suit Every Day

The next mistake is consistently wearing the same suit.

It’s a bad idea to put on the same suit more than once. The wool fabric needs time to rest, which is the reason.

In order to prevent smells from developing and to give the suit’s wrinkles time to relax and reset, there should be at least 24 hours between wearings.

Therefore, strive to make sure you have two to three suits to rotate between if your employment demands you to wear a suit every day.

Incorrect Packing

The last mistake is improper packing.

It is a bad idea to crumple up your suit and pack it in your luggage.

You run the risk of messing up the shoulder’s shape or the drape of the lapels in addition to going some unpleasant creases to deal with later.

The best course of action is to invest in a dedicated suit clothing bag. It will prevent wrinkling and preserve the suit’s shape.

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However, if you are unable to make one of those, you should ensure that you at  the very least, fold your suit properly and avoid cramming it in too tight to your other clothes.

Do you want to know how to properly fold a suit?

Take the suit jacket and flip the left shoulder inside out. There is now a pocket form by the left shoulder.

You’re going to take the right shoulder into that pocket.

Be sure to fold the collar together properly.

When you are ready to pack the jacket in your luggage, take it and fold it in half.

You can lay the jacket flat on a surface and roll it rather than folding it. Don’t roll it super tight or loose, go for a happy medium.

how to maintain a suit

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