Light Grey Suit Men, Color Combos

Light Grey Suit Men, Color Combos

This video provides guidance on how to style and accessorize a light gray suit for various occasions. Here are more details:

The video starts by introducing the light gray suit as a versatile and stylish choice suitable for a range of events, including business meetings, weddings, and cocktail parties. It emphasizes the need to choose the right combination of shirts and ties to make the suit stand out.

Formal Option with a White Shirt: The speaker recommends a white shirt as the most formal choice to pair with the light gray suit. This classic combination is considered timeless and fresh. To maintain a crisp and classic look, they suggest complementing it with a black or dark gray tie.

Introducing Color with Ties: To avoid a monochromatic or plain appearance, the vide suggests introducing a pop of color through the tie. Examples of suitable tie colors mentioned include red, burgundy, navy, and brown.

Color Wheel Schemes: The video advises adhering to basic color wheel schemes when combining shirt and tie colors. For instance, a blue shirt complements light gray tones, with tie recommendations based on color wheel principles, such as monochrome (blue tie), analogous (navy tie), and contrasting (red tie).

Alternative Shirt Options: If you want to make a more daring fashion statement, the video suggests opting for a dark-colored shirt like black or navy. These darker shirts provide a bold contrast with the light gray suit, adding a touch of distinctive style to your outfit.

Shoe Pairing: When it comes to footwear, the video mentions that light gray suits are versatile and can be paired with a variety of shoe colors. Brown dress shoes are highlighted as a great choice, with medium brown or tan shoes providing contrast and darker brown shoes offering a more sophisticated appearance. Black shoes are considered a safe option, and even burgundy shoes can work if they match the overall outfit.

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The video concludes by encouraging viewers to experiment with these guidelines to create a unique and personalized look that suits their individual style.

Overall, this video provides concise yet comprehensive advice on how to style a light gray suit for different occasions, with a focus on shirt and tie color combinations and shoe pairings.

Light Grey Suit Men, Color Combos


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