How to Make Your Suit Look Better & Stand Out

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How to Make Your Suit Look Better

So, you must wear a suit, but you don’t want to look like everybody else.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to make your suit look better, how to make your suit stand out, and how to go from average to exceptional when it’s time to suit up.

Practice Wearing Your Suit

The first piece of advice is to practice wearing your suit. Many guys believe that wearing a suit is inconvenient. That is not the case.

A well-fitted suit can be extremely relaxing. Most men, though, are unfamiliar with it.

So, how can you get into the habit of wearing a suit? You practice, and you look for occasions to wear the suit to.

Are you looking for an event but can’t seem to find one? Then wear it on when you’re at home working.

If you become used to how it feels and how it feels to wear a suit, your confidence will skyrocket.

Suit Must Fit You

The second tip to make your suit look better is to only wear it if it fits you properly.

If you have a suit that doesn’t fit you, you can either have it adjusted or get rid of it.

You want to get as close as flawless as possible when buying a suit off the rack.

A suit can be adjusted, but only to a certain extent. It has to be done correctly in the shoulders. Do not purchase the suit if it does not fit you in the shoulders.

The suit’s length comes next. You’ll put your hands next to your body. It’s completely OK if it’s about as long as your knuckle. However, you must make that the suit is long enough to cover your buttocks’ curvature.

Trousers will be a little easier to tailor to your measurements. You want to make sure they fit you properly in the hip and crotch areas. The waist of the trouser can be cinched in or let out slightly.

It’s quite simple to repair the hem. If those trousers are an inch or two too long when you put them on, you may easily adjust them.

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Boost Your Accessory Game

Leveling up your accessories is another simple method to make your suit stand out.

Watches stand out in a crowd, eliciting praises, and revealing information about the wearer.

Double Breasted Suit

Next, don’t be scared to be a double-breasted guy to to make your suit look better.

It’s the double-breasted suit we’re talking about. This is a more formal option than the single-breasted suit, and I wouldn’t recommend it as your first suit.

However, if you already have a few suits in your closet and want to try something different (since only approximately 1% of suits are double-breasted), you can wear a double-breasted suit for any occasion that a single-breasted suit can be worn for.

The Color

Let’s discuss about color next.

If you’re wearing a black suit, I strongly advise you to switch to a different color.

Although black is one of the most popular suits, I believe it is the incorrect color for most men. It’s a bit too much of a contrast, and it should be worn with a black tie.

Look at charcoal gray and navy, and then consider additional colors, such as a dark brown, a genuine blue, or a dark green.

I wouldn’t advocate such colors for a first suit, but if you already have three charcoal suits and two navy suits, why not try a fresh color to bring to your wardrobe’s wow factor?

Patterns and Texture

Let’s discuss the proper pattern and texture. Many of the guys simply go too far. They strive to bring in something that is extremely bright and large.

You are not required to do so.

Small, subtle elements can be included into your jacket. It could be a bird’s eye pattern with black and blue, which when combined gives a navy overall look from a distance, but up close, you can see the texture and pattern.

There’s something about little patterns that makes them stand out in a crowd. Small patterns are my favorite since they can nearly be as formal as a solid.


We talked about suit fit, but how about your shirt? Does it fit you properly?

The neck will be the most crucial area. You should only be able to make two fingers in there. You don’t want to be able to reach your entire hand inside.

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Many guys wear shirts with very large necklines.

You want a snug fit, but not too close that it restricts circulation.

After that, make the sleeve length. You should be able to see about an inch to a half-inch of the cuff when you put your hands out there.

But what looks particularly horrible is when the shirt is too short and the jacket sleeves are too long, giving you the appearance of wearing your elder brother’s suit, which is simply too big on you.


The proper necktie may make your clothing stand out, while the wrong one might detract from it and bring it into a more casual ensemble.

One of the more formal neckties will be the solid necktie. It will be less formal if you use a brighter color.

A regimental stripe tie is a classic item of menswear that is quite formal, despite the fact that it frequently incorporates a wide range of colors.

Small repeating patterns on ties are quite formal. They’ll work in almost every business situation.

The dot tie, which features little repeating dots, is a formal tie. It is appropriate for a variety of circumstances.

Necktie Knot

The next tip to make your suit look better is to pay attention to the knot of your necktie.

Pay special attention to the knot of your necktie in relation to the style of your shirt collar. If you have a wide point collar, a larger necktie knot is recommended.

If you have a narrow point collar, which means there isn’t a lot of space, you should go for a smaller necktie knot.

You’re seeking for a sense of equilibrium, something that will fit in. If you have a lot of space but choose a short necktie knot, it will look strange.

Consider a bowtie if you really want to stand out and need to wear a necktie. A bowtie is just as formal as a necktie in terms of appearance.

A bowtie can work for every occasion where a necktie is required, and the advantage of the bowtie is that it will keep out of the way and make you stand out from the crowd.

The Pocket Square

The pocket square is the next tip for elevating your suit from average to exceptional.

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It’s as simple as that: start wearing a pocket square.

I’m not saying that you have to wear a paisley pattern. A simple white pocket square in the presidential fold can help you stand out from the crowd while also improving the appearance of your suit.


The next tip is to bring in a vest.

A vest, which is similar to a double-breasted suit, creates a more buttoned-up and formal look.

Wearing a three-piece suit or a double-breasted suit is roughly the same level of formality.


I’m going to talk about two things: style and color.

Men have worn black Balmoral Oxfords with suits for almost a century.

Most men should have this as a foundation shoe.

However, if you wear the shoe, you’ll look like the majority of men. Your footwear isn’t going to make you stand out.

Consider using a shoe with a bit of contrast in the style. It could be a similar-looking shoe in a lighter or darker brown.

If you wear a medium to light gray, you can avoid wearing black, especially if you’re wearing a lot of blue.

However, if you prefer to continue with black, consider adding oxblood, maroon, and other similar colors. Because they have a black sole, they will go with anything you can wear with black shoes, but they will stand out.

The wholecut is a modern classic shoe. The entire upper is made of one large piece of leather, which gives these shoes their strength.

It’s so simple that it stands out among the many various styles available. This would also be a good idea if you wanted to stand out from the crowd.

It’s now up to you to apply everything you’ve learned to your suit game and elevate it from average to spectacular.

How to Make Your Suit Stand Out

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