How to Dress Like a Kingsman (Fashion Style Guide)

How to Dress Like a Kingsman

You would definitely think of James Bond if I mentioned that I enjoy watching movies about a British spy with a great sense of style, wouldn’t you?


The Kingsman comes to mind. Incredible characters who always dress to kill are Harry Hart and Eggsy.

But what exactly makes their style so distinctive, and how can you incorporate it into your own look?

I’m going to teach you how to dress like a Kingsman in this fashion style guide.


Let’s start by talking about the clothing.

Although a suit and tie are typically worn by a Kingsman, there are certain distinctive style elements.

They were first manufactured as bespoke suits on Savile Row, which is destination of some of the top tailors in the world.

The suits are also double-breasted, a style that is less common today but adds a great style to the outfits because the double-breasted suit originated in English tailoring.

Eggsy and Harry Hart prefer to wear neutral hues like gray or blue. A minor pattern like a pinstripe or glen check is frequently seen in the suits. So I would go with a medium gray suit with a light gray pinstripe for me.

Kingsman choose a plain white dress shirt for the shirt to maintain a formal pattern. The French cuffs, which are more formal than standard button cuffs, are the only distinctive feature.


A white pocket square folded in the straightforward presidential fashion completes the suit’s look in terms of accessories.

Navy blue with a white and brown striped pattern is the color of the traditional Kingsman necktie.

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The aviator-inspired square frames of the glasses. Unlike Eggsy, Harry Hart like to wear tortoise-shell-patterned eyeglasses.

The Kingsman wears straightforward gold cufflinks with French cuffs on the shirt.

The Bremont chronograph watch is stunning, but it costs $18,000. I wasn’t blessed with a silver spoon like Eggsy, so I’ll go with a less expensive selection. The gold case, white dial, and brown leather band are the important features to get right.

The gold signet ring is the next accessory, and it is placed on the little finger of the dominant hand.

Naturally, no Kingsman would be without his trustworthy umbrella gun, which is black with a wooden hook handle, ready to take on the world.


A Kingsman wears Oxfords, not brogues, for footwear. Oxfords are formal footwear with closed laces. Harry Hart actually misunderstood this; open lacing is incorrect.

Oxfords have closed laces, but bluchers or derbies have open laces, but I’m not going to correct them out of respect.

Brogues are leather shoes with decorative holes that give them a more relaxed appearance.


Let’s move on to grooming now. I’m going to have to shave off my beard because Kingsman don’t have facial hair.

They continue to wear their hair in a side-parted, classic gentleman’s tapered style. I’m going to style the hair using a medium hold pomade because the style is sharp and formal.

James Bond vs. Kingsman

Let’s focus on suits. We have James Bond, and we’re going to focus on Daniel Craig because he portrayed James Bond in his movies.

We see him wearing Brioni in Casino Royale, and Brioni was a great choice.

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I do enjoy the way the various suits from Casino Royale fit and look. He actually had a pretty formal look.

He wore Tom Ford clothing in Quantum of Solace. The look is now lot more modern and current. The shoulders appear to fit more naturally, which makes sense. The fit and cut of all the suits have been carefully chosen to show Daniel Craig’s great physique.

Many people argued that the closer-fitting clothing in Skyfall and Spectre was inappropriate. They comment that James Bond’s suit is one to two sizes too small at this time when they look him.

He continues to wear Tom Ford suits in No Time to Die. The fit of these suits is slightly more loose.

The range of fabrics and patterns used in Daniel Craig’s suits is something I particularly like about him. The various stylistic choices have been great.

We see the traditional ivory jacket in the motion picture Spectre. James Bond does a great job with this general look. The jacket just has one breast,  adorned with lovely peak lapels. With black pants, this look was simply fantastic.


Many men doubt their ability to pull off this mix. If you have the guts to pull it off, this is just a great classic look, as James Bond demonstrates.

Bond uses the 2244s and 2720s models of Persol sunglasses when it comes to eyewear. He is also seen donning a pair of vintage Vuarnets and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Who then is more fashionable? Kingsman or James Bond?

James Bond is probably who I’d vote for. Simply more established and, in my opinion, more fashionable. But I absolutely love the Kingsman as well.

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Kingsman fashion style guide


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