10 Men’s Wedding Suit Ideas

Men's Wedding Suit Ideas

Do you want to wear a suit to your wedding? Here are ten distinct men’s wedding suit ideas.

Royal Blue Suit

A royal blue suit is the focal point of idea number one.

Royal blue is a highly popular color that is both classic and modern. It is a nice alternative to the deeper navy blue.

Here, the jacket is styled in a fairly classic way. It has a notch lapel with two buttons and flap pockets.

After that, we kept the rest of the outfit simple and classic. A simple white shirt is combined with a navy striped tie, which contrasts nicely with the suit’s blue.

The presidential fold is applied to a white pocket square, which is then complemented with a pair of dark brown Oxford shoes.

A easy wedding suit look that is both classic and trendy.

Medium Grey Suit With Black Tie

Now let’s have a look at number two. A medium grey suit is featured in the first of two styles.

I’m going for a very sleek, clean, and simple look for this one. Always a good approach to look professional and draw attention to your bride.

The jacket has a peaked lapel, two buttons, and flat pockets. A black grenadine tie is worn with a simple white shirt. A grenadine tie is a terrific way to add texture and stylistic flair to a suit without overdoing it.

Keeping with the minimalist theme, we’ve got a white pocket square and black Oxford shoes to complement the tie’s black.

It’s perfect for an evening gathering because it’s clean, simple, and unified.

Medium Grey Suit With Burgundy Tie

Look number three, the second look showcasing a classic medium grey suit. The burgundy tie, on the other hand, adds a splash of color this time.

A deep burgundy is a deep, rich color that goes well with gray.

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The tie can also have a very simple pattern in the shape of white dots, as well as a minor pattern in the fabric, which adds texture and aesthetic interest.

The burgundy of the tie is pulled in by the colored edge of the pocket square, as well as the anchoring double monk strap shoes.

With a rich and elegant flash of color, this is a classic look.

Formal Dark Navy Blue Suit

After that, we’ll move on to idea number four, which has our dark navy suit, the first of three looks featuring this particular suit.

We’re keeping for a clean, basic, and more or less monochromatic look for this one. It’s always an easy method to make a great message.

The jacket has a classic design with two buttons, a notch lapel, and flap pockets. A crisp white shirt coupled with a navy grenadine tie adds subtle texture, as does the suit fabric’s slight herringbone.

Using a white silk pocket square with a puff fold and a pair of black Oxford shoes to complete the look.

This is a really formal and sophisticated approach to style up a dark navy suit.

Semi-Formal Dark Navy Blue Suit

We’re taking the same suit for look number five, but we’re knocking the formality down a notch in three different ways.

The tie comes first. The lighter gray color contrasts with the prior look, making it feel less formal, yet the classic stripe maintains it looking adequately done up.

The pocket square comes in second. We’re doing a presidential fold and showing off the edge instead of the puff fold, which I always think to be a bit more formal.

Third, rather than black shoes, we’ve chosen a dark brown Oxford.

Overall, it’s still fairly formal, but not nearly as much.

Cocktail Attire Dark Navy Blue Suit

Idea number six, our third and last look with the dark navy suit, demonstrates how to wear a bolder pattern tie with a more formal ensemble.

This time, we’re using a Prince of Wales check plaid design. One of the things I appreciate about it is that, while it appears bold up close, it doesn’t have the same impression from a distance.

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As a result, it stands out but not excessively.

Maintaining a monochromatic look with the blue of the tie pattern, which contrasts wonderfully with the ice blue shirt, and a white silk pocket square with a puff fold, which adds to the formality. Then there’s a pair of black Oxfords to finish it off.

A single outstanding piece is a simple way to add some personality.

Navy Double-Breasted Suit

Those of you considering a double-breasted suit should try look number seven.

A classic navy double-breasted suit is a good choice. A double-breasted suit, in my opinion, exudes a great deal of confidence and strength.

It’s a terrific approach to try something unusual if you’re comfortable with it.

We’re going with a classic Bengal stripe shirt with a contrasting collar, mixing in some additional stripes with the tie, playing into the power part of it with the shirt choice.

If you’re going to combine patterns of the same type, make sure they’re all different sizes. The tie’s stripe, for example, should be thinner than the shirt’s stripe.

A pair of brown double monk strap shoes anchors a simple white pocket square.

Brown Double-Breasted Suit

Idea number eight features yet another double-breasted suit, this time a brown double-breasted suit.

Brown is a wonderful option to navy and gray because it’s a neutral color that can be paired with a variety of different colors.

It’s a terrific option if you want to break away from a color scheme that’s too classic.

However, we’re keeping with a monochromatic look here. With the addition of a striped brown tie, monochromatic is an easy way to create a huge powerful statement.

A simple white shirt and a classic white pocket square add some contrast and punch. After that, we’ll put on a pair of brown double monk strap shoes.

Khaki Cotton Suit

With look number nine and a khaki cotton suit, we’re going for a more relaxed vibe.

The khaki suit is the quintessential casual suit choice. So, if you want to keep the formality down but still wear a suit, this is a perfect option.

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You’ll want to make sure the rest of your outfit matches that lower level of formality. And we’re doing it in a couple of ways here.

We’ve got a classic striped shirt instead of a solid color shirt, and a silk knit tie with squared off blades for the tie. One of the greatest ties for a more relaxed tie.

To finish it off, a simple white pocket square and a more casual Derby shoe in a walnut color are all that is required.

Light Grey Fresco Suit

Finally, for idea number ten, a light gray suit is used to create a more casual look.

Light gray is ideal for daytime occasions and, like a khaki suit, is a natural choice for a more relaxed feel.

We can opt with a classic blue shirt and a medallion print tie in this case.

The tie should be in colors that suit the rest of the outfit, such as blues and grays.

This kind of thought goes a long look toward creating a well-coordinated overall type.

With the patterned pocket square with the rabbit ears fold, it’s kept on the more casual side. The look is completed with a classic pair of dark brown Oxfords.

That is all there is to it. For some wedding suit inspiration, check out these ten men’s wedding suit ideas.

There are so many various ways to style a suit, but maybe these have piqued your interest in what would work best for your wedding and personal style.

Feel free to use these as-is or tweak them to your liking.

Men's Wedding Outfit Ideas


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