Lounge Suit Dress Code For Men

Lounge Suit Dress Code For Men

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This video addresses the concept of the “Lounge Suit” dress code. The term “Lounge Suit” is explored, emphasizing its combination of a matching jacket and pants.

This definition is derived from the French term “suivre,” reflecting the idea that the jacket follows the pants and vice versa.

The distinction is made between a genuine suit and combinations like blazers with different pants. A true suit features the same fabric for both the jacket and pants.

The modern perception of a lounge suit leans toward casualness, but historically, it was introduced as a more relaxed alternative to formal attire, such as frock coats and morning coats, during the early 20th century.

When a dress code calls for a lounge suit, it implies a formal dark suit with a necktie, whether single-breasted or double-breasted, and either a two-piece or three-piece ensemble.

The dress code offers some flexibility compared to more rigid codes like “Black Tie.” It allows for variation while adhering to a certain level of formality.

Appropriate colors for lounge suits include navy, charcoal, dark gray, and conservative shades; bright and loud colors are discouraged.
Subtle patterns like pinpoints, faint stripes, or non-contrasting houndstooth are acceptable, while bold, wide stripes and flashy patterns should be avoided.

The video highlights the necessity of wearing a necktie (classic or bow tie), stressing that open necks or ascots are not suitable for this formal occasion.

Shirt recommendations include plain solid white or light blue shirts. Patterned shirts, especially bold ones, should be avoided.

Collar choices are discussed in relation to facial structure; a classic turndown collar is advised, while button-down collars are deemed too casual.

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The aim is to appear respectful and appropriate without being overly flashy.

Suitable footwear for a lounge suit includes Oxfords or derbies in black, brown, or dark burgundy, while loafers and casual textures like suede are considered too informal. Over-the-calf socks are recommended to avoid revealing bare skin.

Accessories such as pocket squares are encouraged, but muted and classic options are favored. Micro-patterned ties are suggested for their formality and elegance.

Belts should match the color of shoes, while suspenders (braces) can be worn without worry due to their hidden nature.

The presenter describes his own outfit, featuring a dark navy single-breasted worsted wool suit with a white shirt and a red and blue madder silk tie.

The outfit includes attention to detail such as pocket square folding, over-the-calf socks, and black semi-brogue shoes. The presenter also wears a pinky ring in rose gold with a bloodstone, which complements the outfit’s overall aesthetic.

Lounge Suit Dress Code For Men

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