How to Be Well Dressed Men, Always

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How to Be Well Dressed Men

This video provides seven core principles for looking sharp and put together at all times, even when in a rush.

The speaker begins by acknowledging the frustration of not knowing what to wear and wasting time trying to put an outfit together. He then suggest that dressing well doesn’t have to be complicated and that by following their seven principles, men can be well-dressed even when they’re in a hurry.

The first principle is to know your body type and what works best for you. The speaker offers specific advice for different body types, such as balancing proportions with high-waisted trousers for those with short legs and a long torso or opting for jackets with structure around the shoulders to accentuate the upper body.

The second principle is to choose the right colors for your skin tone. The speaker suggests avoiding colors that blend in too much with your skin tone and offers examples of what works well for different skin tones.

The third principle is to focus on quality essentials. The speaker recommends building a wardrobe of good basics that fit perfectly, allowing for easy mixing and matching. They emphasize the importance of investing in high-quality clothing that will last longer.

The fourth principle is to dress for the occasion. The speaker advises understanding the dress code for different events and dressing appropriately, while still adding a little edge or je ne sais quoi to stand out.

The fifth principle is to elevate your accessories. The speaker suggests investing in a few high-quality timeless pieces, such as jewelry and tech accessories, rather than choosing from a million different options each day.

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The sixth principle is when in doubt wear black. It is easy to put together an all-black outfit when you’re in a rush,

The seventh principle is to pay attention to detail. The small details, like keeping your shirt well ironed, your shoes polished and your coats lint-free, are the subtle small things that make a big difference.

Overall, the video transcript provides practical advice for looking well-dressed in a time-efficient manner, with a focus on understanding one’s body type, skin tone, and the occasion, as well as investing in quality clothing and accessories.

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