7 Summer Color Combinations For Men

Summer Color Combinations For Men

This video discusses seven summer color combinations for men’s fashion.

The video starts by acknowledging that summer is the perfect time to incorporate colorful elements into men’s wardrobes. The host assures viewers that she has some color combinations to suggest.

The first color combination discussed is navy and white, described as a classic and timeless choice. The depth of navy blue paired with the crispness of white creates an air of sophistication.

Different shades of blue can be used, making it a versatile transitional color combo from spring to summer. Examples are given, such as layering a short sleeve navy button-down over a white tee for a casual yet clean look.

Wearing a white shirt with navy chinos is considered a standard go-to for professional environments, but reversing the color pairing adds more style and elegance.

Adding a blue chambray button-up shirt or jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and navy chinos introduces texture to the combination.

The next color combination mentioned is olive and beige, described as stylish neutral earth tones suitable for everyday summer outfits. This combination is said to create a laid-back, sexy, and smart look.

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Suggestions include pairing beige chinos or linen pants with an olive polo or button-up shirt, as well as adding slip-on sneakers or driving mocs for a perfect summer outfit.

A slim fit jogger in olive with a beige or light brown t-shirt is recommended for a more athleisure-focused style. An olive bomber jacket is mentioned as a versatile wardrobe staple that can be worn in all seasons.

The color combination of light blue and tan is discussed next. It is described as fresh, clean, and bright, perfect for summer. Outfit suggestions include pairing light blue jeans with a tan jacket over a white t-shirt, as well as combining a classic denim jacket with tan chinos.

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A short sleeve button-up in a cool blue shade with chino shorts is also recommended. The combination of light blue and tan is considered an easy way to introduce more color to the wardrobe, with tan providing a solid base and light blue being a flattering starter shade.

The video moves on to pink and gray as a surprisingly flattering combination. The softness of pink is said to add playfulness while the gray grounds the outfit.

A foolproof formula to introduce pink is through a short sleeve button-up shirt in a preferred shade, layered over a white tee and paired with chinos. The aim is to create a polished look with a pop of fun color.

Red and khaki are presented as a color combination that gives outfits a rich and sophisticated polish. It is recommended to try red prints in a short sleeve button-down or jacket paired with khaki shorts or pants for a relaxed yet stylish summer look. The versatility of the red and khaki combo is emphasized, as it can transition from late summer to early fall.

The video suggests yellow and blue as a cheerful and easy-to-wear combination. It is mentioned that these colors are effortless and can be worn in various shades.

Outfit ideas include light wash denim or blue chinos paired with a light yellow shirt, either in a short sleeve button-up style or with a dominant yellow pattern. Yellow and blue are described as an instant mood booster.

The final color combination discussed is green and blue. Both colors are considered calming and suitable for creating effortless summer ensembles. Suggestions include blue chinos or linen pants with a green shirt layered over a white t-shirt for a casual daytime look.

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Chambray shirts in blue paired with green chino shorts are also mentioned. The option of a green-toned suit with a cool blue shirt is presented as a fun and alternative take on summer suiting. This combination is described as a way to look fresh and unique.

Throughout the video, the host emphasizes the versatility of each color combination and provides specific suggestions for various garments, including shirts, chinos, jackets, and shorts. The importance of finding the right shades within each color combination is highlighted, with recommendations for cooler and lighter tones rather than bold or fluorescent colors.

Overall, the video aims to provide men with a range of color combinations to incorporate into their summer wardrobes, offering ideas for both casual and dressier looks.

The host emphasizes the versatility, style, and mood-enhancing effects of each color pairing, encouraging men to experiment with different combinations and shades to create their own unique summer outfits.


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