Men’s Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2023

Men's Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2023

Spring is here and that it’s time to start thinking about some spring wardrobe essentials. This video discusses men’s wardrobe essentials for spring 2023.

The presenter, John, suggests incorporating lighter color tones into your wardrobe and moving away from the dark colors of fall and winter. He recommends lighter versions of colors such as tan, blue, gray, and green.

The first essential item he recommends for spring is cotton chinos with elastin and spandex for added comfort and stretch. He mentions that chinos are a great springtime option because they are versatile and comfortable.

Next, John talks about footwear and suggests loafers as a trendy option. He specifically recommends loafers from the brand Jay Butler, which he personally likes because they are well-crafted, stylish, and reasonably priced. He mentions that they offer penny and bit loafers in a variety of colors and leather options, including exotic options like ostrich and alligator. He also notes that Jay Butler offers extra-wide widths for guys with wider feet.

John then recommends a sweater polo as an essential item for spring. He describes it as a lightweight, breathable knit polo that looks great on older guys.

He also talks about floral prints and patterns and suggests slightly bolder prints for spring but recommends more muted designs instead of anything too crazy. He provides examples of shirts with camp collars, which have become popular in recent years, as a way to switch up your wardrobe.

John recommends a classic white leather sneaker as a staple for spring. He suggests finding one with little to no visible branding for a more grown-up look and notes that white sneakers can be cleaned easily with a damp paper towel. He also suggests a white sneaker with a gum sole for a more versatile option.

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Throughout the video, John provides personal insights and opinions on each item he recommends and provides background information on the brands he mentions.


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