How to Style Men’s Joggers

How to Style Men's Joggers

Joggers are very popular right now, but most guys look bad in them because they make so many mistakes when they wear them.

So let’s get that fixed.

Two Types

There are two primary types of joggers you should own because not all of them are created equal.

We have casual joggers, which have a tendency to look more athletic because they are frequently made of cotton jersey material. They have a matching hoodie or sweatshirt to complete their look.

Casual joggers are ideal for everyday tasks like running errands or meeting friends for a quick cup of coffee.

Then there are dressier versions of casual joggers, which are typically made of more expensive materials like wool or cashmere.

They have the appearance of formal pants yet have a jogger silhouette, making them perfect for a night out.

Since they are a great alternative to chinos or dark wash jeans, I typically style them in business casual outfits.

They go well with a dress shirt, a sport coat, and a pair of loafers. They can also be worn more casually with a trucker jacket, a cashmere sweater, and sneakers.

I usually advise guys in their late 30s and older to wear elevated casual joggers because they look more stylish and appropriate for their age.

You won’t have to sacrifice style for price with these two categories.

Stay away from anything that is shiny, including materials and logos, because they have a tendency to give off a particularly negative impression.

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Start with neutral colors like black, navy, charcoal, and gray because they are so versatile.

When you feel confident wearing these hues, you can experiment with other tones including browns, camel, olive greens, and burgundies.

How Joggers Should Fit

It is possible for any man, regardless of his age or physique, to pull off a stylish look when wearing joggers.

When a man pulls off the sexy athletic macho athleisure look, it is extremely attractive to women.

The idea is to get a pair that feels as comfortable as your favorite pajamas while also looking fashionable enough to wear outside.

The leg of your jogger should taper down from the knee to the ankle for a slimmer fit that will always look better.

How to Style Joggers

Here are some suggestions for how to wear joggers.

Style 1

This one shows some olive green joggers, a black hoodie, and white low top sneakers with no show socks, making for a pretty put together casual spring, summer, or fall look.

A contrasting-colored hoodie and a pair of joggers make for a comfortable yet fashionable outfit.

This kind of outfit is appropriate for a variety of occasions, including doing errands and traveling. It’s unquestionably a look that can be easily layered over.

For instance, you might add some warmth by wearing a bomber jacket.

Add an overcoat for a dressier look that is still very comfortable if you need something a little warmer for the winter.

White leather low top sneakers paired with joggers will always be my top choice.

However, if you want to wear black joggers or a black hoodie, you may always choose a pair of black low-top sneakers instead because the shoe won’t be as noticeable in that outfit.

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Style 2

This example shows how you may style up a casual jogger by wearing it with a fitted shirt.

The shirt can be changed out for a linen one that will keep you cool during the summer. You may always try adding a jacket or sports coat for some extra warmth during the winter months,

We choose to wear low-top sneakers, but you could always choose some chic loafers to dress it up even more.

Style 3

This outfit provides the answer to the question of whether or not it is appropriate to wear a pair of joggers with a hoodie of the same color.

Let’s just say that the answer is yes. The monochromatic look really works.

For the ultimate relaxed yet cool look, throw an overcoat in the same color as your outfit or a contrasting one.

Consider a stylish pair of running shoes to complete your look because they complement the athletic vibe of the rest of your outfit. Just remember to wear no-show socks.


There are undoubtedly a few mistakes I see males doing with the joggers, as I stated at the beginning of the article.

It’s quite easy to go toward the “I just don’t give a damn about my appearance” camp.

So let’s prevent that from happening.

You should get rid of any old joggers that have lost their shape and have become faded.

Keep in mind that when the suppleness in the waist, ankles, or knees disappears, they must go as well.

Avoid wearing socks and slides with your joggers; it just looks trashy.

Additionally, stay away from embellishments like zippers, leg designs, ornamental stitching, knee pleats, and shiny materials.

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Less is always more, so choose a casual, neutral pattern for a neat, carefree look.

It is important to avoid having fabric bunch up around your ankles. A little bunching is acceptable, but ideally there should be none.

Your joggers shouldn’t be too tight and the material should be thick enough to prevent you from seeing the contour of your package.

This is crucial.

You shouldn’t always go around in your joggers.

There is no justification for daily wear unless you are a professional athlete and it is necessary. Use them sparingly in your clothes.

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