How to Style White Pants, Men (5 Looks)

How to Style White Pants, Men

Nothing quite captures the essence of summer for me like a pair of white pants.

They’re sophisticated, cool, and, it’s hard to believe it, surprisingly easy to style.

In a moment, I’ll explain how to wear white pants.

I’m aware that many men are thinking, “There is no way I can pull off white pants. I just don’t like it. I’m not capable of doing it.”

If so, you’re probably most apprehensive to wear white pants because they’re not as common as khaki, stone, navy, or even olive.

You worry that you might stand out a little bit, or maybe too much, because they aren’t as prevalent.

There is some truth about it since you will be noticed, but in a good way. It appears sophisticated.

I feel it fascinating, like, who is that guy? Additionally, it demonstrates your impeccable sense of style.

You can still try these outfits if you’re really unsure, but after you find out how easy it is to style white pants, you might start to think about it for yourself.

Look 1 – Event Ready Outfit

This is the perfect look to wear for a summer event, such as a wedding, where you need to dress up.

It’s dressy, but it still has a relaxed, sporty feel that’s perfect for summer. I think it’s much more suited for a summer occasion than a suit, and it’s a terrific substitute.

And I feel this look would cause people to ask themselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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The right fabrics are essential for staying cool. This navy hopsack jacket has a partial lining to keep it a little bit lighter. There are  also white cotton pants and an Oxford shirt in ice blue color.

Now that the rest of the outfit is solid, a good patterned tie (navy blue with tiny white elements) is a terrific way to add some contrast.

The finishing touches are a pair of braided leather tassel loafers, a classic watch, and traditional sunglasses.

Look 2 – Date Night Outfit

You may transform your previous look into the ideal date-night or business-casual ensemble with a few simple tweaks.

By removing the tie, it becomes less formal and has a more carefree summer vibe. However, when we did lose the tie, we did lose some pattern, and adding texture or a pattern to your outfit is an easy way to elevate it.

Therefore, in place of the tie, we have a striped shirt (white with vertical blue stripes), and the navy hopsack jacket has a lot of texture.

The small elements truly make a simple outfit like this stand out. Silk pocket square with a puff fold. I wear a suede belt, suede loafers, and Rolex on my wrist.

Look 3 – Sartorial Safari Outfit

Here is another very easy change. White pants and a striped shirt serve as the basic building blocks of this look, but the overall vibe is totally different.

Instead of a traditional blazer, we’re going for a linen clam shell safari, or shacket as it’s more like a shirt than a jacket.

This is such a cool item, and the color scheme makes it work really well in this setting. Personally, I enjoy mixing dressier components with more sportier clothing. Simply put, I feel it conveys a more relaxed and effortless style.

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Knit ties readily fit into that category. In this look, I choose a knit tie in dark blue.

The aviator sunglasses, another sporty component, and the brown lenses of the sunglasses bring out the tan color of the shirt.

The Omega watch adds to the explorer vibes on the wrist, while the horsebit loafers put the finishing touch on a formal look.

Look 4 – Textured

As I’ve already mentioned, using texture to dress up a fairly plain outfit is a terrific idea. Additionally, it’s a technique to just add interest to an outfit.

Two significant textural components make up this look.

The quicksand jacket is with us. It is E. Thomas fabric. It is a silk and linen jacket with no structure at all. It is also very light, cool, and comfy.

Then a chambray shirt underneath. Again, this is a pretty lightweight fabric, so it is absolutely appropriate for summer.

On the wrist was the Omega watch once more, followed by our horsebit loafers, a straightforward pocket square, and classic sunglasses with browline frames.

Look 5 – Casual Chic

This outfit falls under the category of what I like to refer to as grown-up casual. In other words, just stepping up a basic, casual look, improving it in terms of the general atmosphere, and making it seem more age appropriate.

The secret to pulling this off is to consider the smaller, more subtle aspects that will enhance the outfit.

Here, we have a black pima cotton polo shirt that is really soft and more knit-like than a typical cotton pique polo shirt.

The white pants themselves give off a more sophisticated and affluent vibe.

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I choose a pair of very chic black Belgian loafers for my footwear.

The Panama hat adds the last flourish that truly completes the outfit and enhances its overall silhouette.

I hope that inspired and motivated you to try wearing white pants for yourself.

It’s okay if you’re still unsure about it. There are plenty additional straightforward, fashionable, and timeless summer outfit options.

How to Wear White Pants, Men


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