How to Style Black Leather Pants For Men

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How to Style Black Leather Pants For Men

In this video, the presenter discuses how to style the black faux leather pants from Zara. He mentions that the pants are a bit big on the waist but he likes that they are looser around the thighs and calves.

He pairs the pants with black leather chunky Chelsea boots from Asos, which he says he has worn many times and thinks look great together.

Next, he tries on a few different tops and jackets with the pants, giving his opinion on how they work with the outfit.

He tries a turtleneck from Uniqlo, a cream-colored classic bomber jacket from Alpha Industries, and a matte finish leather jacket. He ends up switching the entire upper half of the outfit to a horizontally striped sweater from Zara in gray and black.

He adds a puffer vest from Abercrombie, which he mentions is thick and black, and also adds some accessories, including a Mont Blanc watch, black shades from Clocks and Colors, and a black beanie from Seasons. He then adds a pop of color with a blue fuzzy tote bag from Stand Studio, which he says is actually a women’s bag but he loves it anyway.

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