How Men’s Shorts Should Fit (Wear & Style Guide)

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How Men's Shorts Should Fit

Here I’m talking about how to wear shorts.

Shorts are one of the finest ways to look cool, relaxed, and stylish while also remaining cool in the summer.

During the summer, almost every man will wear shorts at some point.

However, every time I go outside, I notice men wearing their shorts incorrectly, which makes them appear quite unattractive.

I’d like to discuss how to properly wear shorts.

Summer barbecues, pool parties, the beach, the pool, romantic walks in the park, strolling your dog, or just sitting around the house on a lazy Sunday are all great places to wear shorts.

Shorts are entirely casual, but that doesn’t necessarily imply they have to look sloppy or adolescent. Unfortunately, most men aren’t wearing shorts correctly, which is a bummer because it makes them look bad, and the whole idea of clothing is to wear clothes that improve your appearance rather than clothes that detract from it.

So, in this article, I’m going to discuss how to wear shorts.

We’ll go through fit, style, and detailing, as well as what to avoid and what to seek for.

So, let’s begin with the most crucial point.

How Should Shorts Fit?

Let’s talk about the proper fit of your shorts.

Your shorts should be tailored to your body type, which means you must consider two factors.

The length of the shorts is number one, and the width of the shorts, also known as the leg opening, is number two.


As with swim trunks, I believe that shorts should not extend past the knees. They should ideally end right at the top of your kneecaps.

It’s fine if you want shorts that are a little shorter, with a mid-to-lower thigh length. That’s perfectly acceptable.

Personally, I prefer shorter shorts, thus the majority of my shorts end approximately two inches above my kneecaps.

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But, regardless of who you are, your height, weight, skin tone, age, or anything else, I don’t believe any man looks attractive in shorts that go past his knees.

This is simply my viewpoint.

It’s acceptable if you like to wear long, baggy cargo shorts.

This is just my opinion, but I’ve done a lot of study and thought a lot about it, and I honestly believe that shorter, non-knee-length shorts look better on males.

They’re called shorts for a reason, after all.

Shorts are measured along the inseam, just like pants, so you can discover shorts that are five inches, seven inches, or nine inches long.

For most guys, I believe the sweet spot is between seven and nine inches.

A seven-inch short will look excellent on you if you’re on the shorter side. A nine-inch short will look nice on you if you’re taller or simply have lengthy legs for your build.

Anything longer than nine inches would put me off.

You can definitely go with a five or six-inch short if you’re a shorter guy, very short, if you just have very short legs, or if you want to show a little more thigh, but I believe the sweet spot is about seven, eight, or nine inches.


You must also consider the width or leg opening, in addition to the length.

The vast majority of guys I see wearing shorts in the summers are wearing too wide shorts, which generates a trapezoid form where the silhouette widens down toward their knees from their waist, resembling a skirt silhouette.

It’s not a really attractive shape for a man.

When the shorts swallow up your legs, it also makes your legs look incredibly tiny and wimpy.

Instead, aim for a smooth, mild taper from your waist to your knees, or from your hips to your knees.

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It’s the same thing with pants. You want them to follow the contour of your leg, not be skinny or tight.

Since most shorts are different, and legs are extremely diverse, I can’t tell you precisely what leg opening or measurement to look for.

Even if you’re a shorter or taller man, your legs will be distinct in terms of circumference, musculature, and other factors.

I can’t give you a specific figure, but try to stay away from shorts that are too wide for your legs.

There should be enough wiggle room for you to feel comfortable, but not so much that your legs float around inside the leg hole.

If your shorts are excessively long, simply fold them up.

It honestly seems extremely cool and laid back to me.

You can also get your shorts hemmed at the tailor, just like you would your pants. It will most likely cost around $15.

If your shorts are excessively wide, you can get them taken in. You can get your shorts adjusted, just like your pants, and I think it’s money well spent.

When putting on shorts at the store, make sure they fit in the crotch, seat, and hips, because these are the areas that can’t be altered. The waist, length, and leg opening can all be adjusted at the tailor.


Let’s talk about the style and the specifics now that we’ve nailed the fit.

Here’s a quick rundown of things you should avoid:

  • cargo pockets;
  • large, bold patterns like plaid;
  • obvious logos or branding;
  • distressing features such as rips, tears, stains, or holes;

Stick to plain colors or patterns that are minimal in scale. Solid hues, such as khaki, tan, brown, black, navy, gray, and olive, are always a safe pick. All of those colors are fantastic for shorts.

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It’s acceptable if you prefer patterns like flower prints, polka dots, or anything similar.

I suggest keeping the scale tiny, such as small dots or small checks.

It’s a bit more tasteful than huge, bold, aggressive patterns, in my opinion. Solid colors, on the other hand, can’t go wrong.

And who needs so many pockets with cargo shorts? There are two front pockets, two rear pockets, and two massive cargo pockets.

If you have so much belongings, I recommend carrying a bag rather than trying to fit everything into your shorts.

Cargo pockets are only essential or appropriate in my opinion if you’re in the military, wearing a uniform, or on safari.

Otherwise, normal shorts will suffice.

This is especially true if you’re a tiny man, as having large cargo pockets will make your frame appear even smaller.

So, that’s how I think guys should dress in shorts.

Keep in mind that it’s a personal choice. My legs are quite frail. So, the shorts I like are slim or narrow, and they usually have a little elasticity to them.

how to find shorts that fit


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