7 Red Pants Outfits For Men

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Red Pants Outfits For Men

In this video, the presenter emphasizes the bold and attention-grabbing nature of the color red, and highlights how it is an underrated and underutilized color in men’s wardrobes. He offers different ways to wear red pants, encouraging viewers to try out the different looks and find what works for them.

The first outfit features a basic white t-shirt paired with red or pink chino pants and black slip-on sneakers from Vans. The presenter advises toning down the rest of the outfit when wearing red pants, as the color is already loud and eye-catching.

The second outfit is similar to the first, but with a black basic t-shirt and white sneakers from Adidas.

The third outfit features a monochromatic look with a pink t-shirt and red pants, finished off with white sneakers. The presenter acknowledges that this outfit takes more boldness to pull off, but can be dressed up with a pink shirt and loafers.

The fourth outfit is a smart casual look, featuring a white polo shirt, red pants, and Chelsea boots or brown loafers. The presenter notes that the red pants and brown boots are a natural combination.

The fifth outfit is dressier, with a white shirt tucked into the red pants and finished off with loafers. The presenter suggests topping off the outfit with a blazer or sport coat for more formal occasions.

The sixth outfit features a light blue dress shirt with the same red pants and loafers, highlighting how blue complements red so well. The presenter notes that this outfit is more suitable for daytime occasions and can be switched up with a navy blue shirt for evening events.

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The seventh and final outfit is a simple white t-shirt paired with red pants and white sneakers. The presenter suggests adding a denim jacket for a more punk or streetwear look. He concludes the video by encouraging viewers to try out these outfits and find their own unique style.


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