How to Select Clothes According to Body Shape

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How to Select Clothes According to Body Shape

Do you believe a man who is 30 to 40 pounds overweight chooses an attire that makes him appear fatter on purpose?

Consider a slender guy: do you believe he purposefully dresses in a way that makes him appear as if he hasn’t eaten in a month?

The answer is that they have no idea how to dress for their body shape.

In this article, I’ll go over five different body types and how to dress for each one.

How to Style Triangle Body Shape

The lower region of the body is larger in proportion to the upper part of the body, as seen in the triangle body shape.

The triangular body shape, out of all the body forms, is the one that, in my opinion, benefits the most from clothing choices. We want to strengthen the shoulders in particular.

A jacket is the first specific thing I propose for any man with a triangle body shape.

We’re talking about sports jackets, blazer jackets, and suit jackets. Anything with a form shoulder will make you appear stronger, taller, and more square up on the upper body.

And, if that’s too formal for you, there are plenty of more casual options.

Leather jackets, fatigue jackets, denim jackets, and a range of other jackets are available.

Even a shirt jacket will offer you a bit more of a silhouette right here on the shoulder points, simply by emphasizing your shoulders, which is exactly what we’re trying for here.

Another benefit of a jacket, particularly a suit jacket or a sports jacket, is that it provides a monochromatic look when worn with trousers of the same color.

This is critical because it allows the eyes to move upward and downward. We don’t get trapped in the waist, which gives us a sleeker, taller, and slimmer appearance.

Let’s speak about shirts if jackets aren’t your thing.

A close-fitted t-shirt and a close-fitted polo are the shirts to avoid. Why are you avoiding these short-sleeved t-shirts?

Because they’ll highlight the difference between your arm and your shirt, effectively drawing attention to your upper body.

It will frequently fit you closer in and around the waist and hip areas than it will the torso if it is fitted closed. This will accentuate the fact that you have a triangle-shaped figure.

So, how do you know what kind of shirts to look for?

You want shirts with longer sleeves that can be ironed. I say “can be ironed” because everything that can be ironed in any way can add structure to the upper body, which is exactly what you want.

On the shoulders, you won’t get as much of a silhouette and structure as you would with a jacket, but you’ll get close.

And there are epaulettes on shirts with double-breast pockets that can help bulk up the chest and shoulders.

What’s the deal with the long sleeves? It always looks better on this body shape, and if it’s hot outside, roll the sleeves up to the top of your forearm. This will be a far more attractive option than a short-sleeved shirt.

Let’s speak about how to dress your lower body now.

Shorts are quite tough to wear on this body type. I understand that if you’re going to the beach or the pool, you’ll want to wear shorts.

In most other instances, though, you should consider wearing anything other than shorts. I’m talking about jeans when it comes to outfitting the lower body for the triangle body type. The lines should be able to move up and down.

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Overtapering is something we don’t want to do. Many designs currently are attempting to produce this tapering bottom; nevertheless, with the triangular body shape, this can tragically result in the creation of a diamond. That’s not what we’re looking for.

The straight cut will be your best buddy if you have a triangle body type.

How to Style Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle, sometimes known as the V-shape, is the following body shape.

This is the optimal shape for many people. You’ve got the big, broad shoulders and the tapered waist.

When it comes to apparel, this body shape is a nightmare.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay the tailor tax because this is a body type for which very few manufacturers provide apparel that will even come close to fitting you. Because, in most cases, a shirt will fit you in the shoulders but have far too much cloth in the torso.

To get it modified, you’ll need to take it to a tailor. Look into tailored apparel if you can afford it; it will be your best alternative.

So, when it comes to the inverted triangle shape physique, the goal is to avoid exaggerating any regions of your body that are already overbuilt, such as the shoulders and arms.

You’ll wind up appearing like a linebacker if you wear a suit jacket with a lot of padding in and around the shoulders.

What makes this such a horrible thing?

Because you’re up there to give a presentation, not to have people commenting on how much this guy resembles a cartoon character.

And that’s the trick with this body type: don’t hide your well-built physique, but don’t let it detract from the message you’re trying to convey.

The sweater, especially a V-neck sweater, is my favorite piece of clothing for the V shape physique. It has a little stretch in and around the shoulders, chest, and arm area, but it does not hide your figure.

People will notice that this guy looks wonderful and is in good form.

So, this body type can wear any clothing, but you should still be cautious and manage distractions.

Do you want to wear a short-sleeved shirt that will draw everyone’s attention to your arms?

Wear a long sleeve shirt if you want people to concentrate on your thinking and what you’re saying.

You may roll it up to the middle of your forearm, which is always a good appearance. Small repeating patterns are the way to go. You want to go for solids because that’s where you’ll be safe. Large patterns should be avoided. With this body type, large designs will not function.

Long sleeve polos, and even short sleeve polos, produced from high-quality materials with a luscious drape are also options. They’ll look fantastic on this body shape.

T-shirts can be really attractive. Remember, they’re super casual, and they can be distracting in some situations, but if you go with a solid color and a non-graphic tee, perhaps with a V-neck shape, it looks great.

Let’s take a look at the lower body type of a V shape person.

There are a few things you should be aware of.

One should never wear extremely long shorts when it comes to shorts. Simply said, this will make your legs appear smaller and shorter. This is something you do not want to happen. Instead, opt for a shorter inseam. We’re talking about 5 or 7 inches here.

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Consider tropical weight wool trousers, especially those with a wonderful drape. This will improve the overall appearance of your legs.

It’s a more professional style in my opinion, and you can pull it off with a polo shirt. This is a far better look than the shorts, in my opinion.

Let’s talk about chinos. Let’s talk about dress pants, lets’ talk about jeans.

You’ll want to seek for a straight cut; you can lean toward the slim cut, but the skinny cut is something you’ll want to avoid. This does not appear to be appropriate for this body type. It emphasizes the diminutive nature of the lower body.

Now, when we’re talking about shoes, we’re talking about footwear, I like to focus on the feet.

If you’re going to wear a suit, aim for boots with a Goodyear welt, something with a little bit of built in, a little bit of oomph to it. Boots are a muscular man’s best buddy, in my opinion.

They’ll make you a little taller, which will make you leaner, and they’re usually a little bigger in terms of structure and overall size.

Clothes According to Body Shape

How to Style a Rectangle Body Shape

Your shoulders, hips, and waist will all move in the same direction up and down. This body type will be seen on men with a slim or slender build.

This is a good body shape, and it’s one of the more common ones we’ll see.

The rectangle body shape has the advantage because the great majority of clothes is designed to accommodate this body type.

The issue for guys with this body shape is that they want to mix things up a little.

They want to sculpt their shoulders, shrink their waists, and achieve a more manly appearance.

This can be done with a jacket of any style; any type of jacket will help to build up the shoulders. However, having a sweater, a jumper with a line running across it that builds up the chest area, is also a good idea.

Building up the V right here in the chest is another possibility for this body type. You can do it by wearing V-neck sweaters and V-neck shirts.

As previously stated, shorts for any body shape are not flattering, but if you must wear shorts, steer clear of cargo shorts. Choose a style with a more pronounced cut. Make sure the inseam isn’t longer than 9 inches, and if you’re shorter, consider 7 or 5 inches.

You want something that will look well on you.

You should choose a standard or slim cut for your pants, jeans, and chinos. Don’t go too slim or too loose; instead, aim for a slight taper. It’s a good fit for this body type.

How to Dress an Oval Body Shape

Your midsection is larger than your shoulders or hips if you have this body type.

I’m not going to lie: this is a difficult body shape to dress for, and no clothing will make a man like this appear slim.

However, with these ideas, I can assist you in looking big and in command rather than overweight and sloppy.

That’s exactly what we don’t want to happen.

We want the eyes to move up and down; we don’t want them to get stuck in the middle.

That’s the mistake if you’re wearing apparel with a lot of contrast between your upper and lower body and we’re drawn to your waist.

Monochromatic outfits are required. You must dress in a way that will tie everything together.

A lovely hat or a good piece of headwear is the first piece of clothes I’d recommend for a larger man, and this demands confidence. This will simply elevate your style. Furthermore, caps make you appear taller.

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The second topic I’d like to discuss is your footwear. You want to add some height to that area.

Choose a pair of boots or a pair of shoes with a bit of a heel.

We’ll be drawn to something that has a little shine to it, and our gaze will be drawn to those shoes. You’ve simply lengthened your entire appearance.

Make sure to keep the proportions in mind.

You should seek out clothes with larger collars. You should seek out jackets with broader lapels. You should opt for a watch that is a little bigger.

All of these specific elements do add up, and you want to make sure the apparel appears proportionate on your physique.

Let’s speak about lines and patterns for a moment.

Any lines that intersect this body shape should be avoided. You should avoid wearing a suit with a window pane pattern if you have this body type.

Instead, choose a solid-looking suit that will only enable your eyes to move up and down.

When it comes to shirts, I believe that a pinstripe, a candy stripe, or a Bengal stripe works nicely for this body shape.

Small repeating patterns are ideal, medium-sized patterns are OK, while larger patterns should be avoided.

When it comes to specific clothing types, formal clothing is the way to go when it comes to improving the appearance of this body type.

How to Dress a Trapezoid Body Shape

The trapezoid is the next body type, which is frequently regarded as the optimum body shape.

The shoulders and chest of a trapezoid body shape are well-developed, with a 6 to 8-inch dip down to the waist and hip area.

This body shape is now pretty simple to dress.

What you want to focus on here is selecting the correct brands, which will offer slim cuts and athletic cuts that will fit your body organically.

You’ve undoubtedly grown up buying ill-fitting clothing and not even bothering to have it fixed.

Take your closet full of clothes to a tailor if you like the way they appear. You’ll be blown away when they slim down the waist and shorten the sleeves.

You’ll think to yourself, “Wow, I’m actually able to show off this wonderful figure I’ve got.”

If you’re unhappy with your current wardrobe and want to revamp it, consider investing a little more money to get those specific clothing types that come with the athletic fit.

That would be the case with that cut, as they have a drop that will naturally fit your shirts. They’ve got the pants that will have a more streamlined look along the leg.

So, for this body type, it’s basically about not being so lazy or unconcerned about your style that you don’t go to a tailor to get your clothes adjusted to appear a little better.

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