How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer (Men)

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How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer Men

So, you’re under six feet tall and want to appear taller.

Any silhouette may be improved by wearing apparel that makes you appear taller and slimmer.

Put on a Jacket

When you have the option, put on a jacket. Why? It strengthens the shoulders. It gives you the appearance of being taller by bulking up your shoulders.

Next, learn how to correctly wear that jacket.

Always button the front of your jacket when you stand up. Also, make sure it’s the proper size for you. A jacket that is too big for you, or one that is too bulky, will not look well on you.

You don’t have to wear a formal jacket all of the time. You can wear a more relaxed jacket.

I have a suede jacket in a striking color. This will bring emphasis to the torso, chest, and shoulders, essentially creating a silhouette on the shoulder points.

That’s what we’re aiming for: stronger shoulders and a slimmer torso.

When it comes to enhancing the chest, I appreciate small features like pockets. Small details, but these lines running across the chest area call attention to it and build it up.

Make certain you pay attention to the design. Leather jackets come in a variety of styles.

Consider the classic motorcycle jacket, which you’ve probably seen before. The problem with this jacket is that it’s too big. It’s made up of leather layers.

This will look great on a man with a thinner physique and who isn’t extremely tall. However, for a shorter man or one who is heavier, the bulkiness of the build and the shape of the jacket can make them appear even larger.

That’s why, rather than having that added bulk, I recommend going for a classic style with slimmer lines that flow up and down.

Another easy way to appear taller and slimmer is to wear the appropriate jacket. This is dependent on the jacket’s style. A sports jacket should fall slightly below the lower curvature of the buttocks.

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If you go any longer, especially if you’re 5’2″, the jacket will simply overwhelm you and appear to be excessively long.

What about other jacket styles, such as the leather jacket? Although it depends on the style, most leather jackets are designed to hug the midsection.

If you get a leather jacket that is too long and covers your buttocks, the style will look horrible and you will appear to be swallowed by the jacket. It will make you appear shorter.

Well-tailored Clothing

The second tip for looking taller and slimmer is to make sure your wardrobe pieces are designed to complement each other.

Sleeve length is a great illustration. When your shirt sleeve and jacket sleeve meet, make sure they’re about a quarter to half an inch apart. It simply appears to be more appealing.

If you wear your jacket too long because it hasn’t been adjusted, it will suddenly cover your shirt, giving the impression that the jacket is too big.

If the shirt is an inch or an inch and a half shorter than the jacket sleeves, it will appear that the jacket is too short.

Fit is king. This will not look nice on you if you are dressed in bulky, baggy apparel.

If you already have a whole wardrobe of bulky oversize apparel, I recommend taking it to a tailor and attempting to have it altered.

But, if you’re just beginning, one of the best things you can do is invest in clothes that truly fits you. Buying personalized items is one of the finest methods to do this.

How to Dress to Look Taller Men


Let’s chat about your trousers next. The hem has to be perfect. Quarter-break, half-break, and no-break hems are available.

The last thing you want is a full break. It’s a dreadful appearance. It simply gives the impression that you’re wearing your elder brother’s trousers. This is something you should avoid.

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Then we’ll take a look at the leg line. I’m not saying you have to go skinny, but I am recommending that you have it thinned out, brought in, and at the very least hemmed at the bottom to give you a bit more of a shape and a leaner look.

If you go too big, too saggy, that’s not the look we’re going for.


Let’s talk about the V-neck next. I’m not referring to the excessively deep V-neck. That’s an undershirt, not a shirt.

What I’m talking about here are V-necks on t-shirts and a traditional V-neck on your sweater, or any form of jumper you’re going to wear.

What is the purpose of the V-neck?

It enlarges the chest and focuses our attention to it. They’re more laid-back in general.

I don’t believe you can wear a V-neck shirt to a circumstance where you should be wearing a dress shirt, but you could layer a V-neck sweater over the dress shirt to build up the chest a little more, call attention to that area, and make you appear slimmer and leaner.

Monochromatic Look

Let’s talk about monochrome looks and lines next.

Monochromatic looks are certainly known to you. This is when the top and bottom are of the same color.

What we don’t want is for you to be cut in half and for us to be attracted to the center. Wearing a belt with a lot of contrast is usually not a good idea.

Wearing white trousers with a black top or black bottoms with a white shirt is a bad choice because the clash of colors will catch our attention.

What if you wish to wear a light-colored blouse with dark-colored pants? Again, this is where you could throw on the dark jacket or even bring in another quick alternative in the form of a vest. Vests look fantastic on slimmer, shorter men.

The Right Pattern

Let’s talk about horizontal lines for a moment.

Many guys avoid large lines going across, but this is only partially true; even if you’re a little shorter, you can pull off lines going across; you just need to make sure they’re higher up on the body.

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So, a t-shirt or a sweater with a pattern running across the chest area would be absolutely acceptable.

However, you should stay away from repeated patterns or larger designs.

So, a huge window pane pattern with a broader chalk stripe is something you should avoid. However, tiny repeating patterns that move across and down like a glen check are absolutely acceptable.

Footwear With Heels

Let’s not overlook the importance of heels. Heels on dress shoes or even boots can easily increase your height by half an inch, an inch, or an inch and a half. You’ll appear taller and slimmer as a result of this.


Let’s not forget about hats. Hats make you appear taller. There’s a great experiment where they lined up all these individuals, some wearing hats, others not, and they had to guess their height.

What’s more, guess what? People thought you were an inch and a half to almost two inches taller if you wore a hat. Why? It’s all about how you see things.

Now, the thing about hats is that most males aren’t used to wearing them, but perhaps you want to wear a ball cap. So why not up it up a notch and start wearing a functional cap that keeps the sun off your head?

Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer

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