How to Get Out of a Style Rut (8 Ways)

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how to get out of a style rut

Do you find yourself wearing the same clothing over and over again?

I’m sure I do.

If this describes you, you’re undoubtedly stuck in a style rut.

But the good news is that it’s really simple to break out of, and I’ll teach you how.

No matter who you are or how fashionable you are, we all get into a style rut. We all get tired with our current wardrobes.

However, there are a few basic things we can do to feel much better about our appearance and break free from a style rut.

I’m going to reveal some of my tricks for breaking out of a style rut, and I know you can do it too.

Rearrange Your Clothes

I always believe that changing things around in my closet is the simplest way to give it a fresh look.

It’s natural for us to reach for the things that are closest to us. The items on top of our drawers, the items that we can see.

Rearrange some of your things and reorganize your clothing so that you see a variety of items.

Mix & Match

My next bit of advice is to mix and match items you already own.

When it comes to the numerous pieces in our clothing, most of us have a bit of a uniform.

What I mean is that we wear a certain pair of pants with a specific blouse and a specific jacket with a specific outfit.

We just get stuck in a style rut because we have preconceived notions about what goes with what in our closet.

However, one of the things we can do to give our appearances a new life is to try to mix things up a little bit.

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Putting on a little mismatched shirt or pairing a different top with a different pair of pants. It’s only a matter of attempting to see things from a new perspective.

The only way we can truly achieve this is by combining different and unexpected pieces.

It’s really simply a matter of taking a thorough look at what you already have and attempting to create fresh looks with the items you already have.

Steal the Look

It doesn’t sound like stealing someone else’s style is a good idea.

But what I mean is that you can gain ideas from someone’s style and adopt some of those looks into your own clothing.

If I’m tired with my own wardrobe, I always turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Just to get inspired, I make a fresh private mood board on Pinterest.

If nothing else, it motivates me to rethink some of the items in my closet and come up with new combos and ensembles.

Simply by repurposing what I already own in new ways.

Another thing I like to do is visit the websites of a handful of my favorite fashion bloggers and get inspired by their work.

I think Pinterest is a great place to start just to get inspired and to help you examine and rethink what you already have in your closet so you can make the most of it.

Stop Going to The Same Stores

Stop shopping at the same stores. This is another simple approach to get out of a style rut.

I realize it’s convenient to shop at places we know will serve us well. However, we frequently find ourselves being led down the same path of purchasing the same types of items over and over again.

This could work, and it would make life easier. But what if you’re stuck in a fashion rut? You do tend to go toward the same pieces, and you end up with a similar appearance.

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And if you’ve had enough of that style and want to try something new, you’ll need to look further afield and discover some brand names.

Try going to places where you’ve never shopped before or where you think there’ll never be anything for me.

Every season, they switch things up, so it’s worth going to a few different places to give your wardrobe a fresh lease on life and help you get out of that style rut.

How to Get Out of a Style Rut

Challenge of Personal Style

I like to give myself a personal style challenge every now and again.

I walk into my closet with the goal of putting together three new outfits.

It’s not that difficult.

What I do is think to myself, “I’m going to go into my closet, and I’m going to come out with three fresh outfits that I’ve put on in various combinations.” I look and feel great in them, and I’m excited to wear them out the door.

It’s not as difficult as you may believe.

However, by making this a task for yourself, you will be forced to walk inside your closet and not come out until you’ve created three new outfits using pieces that you already own.

When I’m in a style rut and don’t want to spend any more money, that’s one of the first things I do.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s not about going out and spending more money on things that will just sit in your closet.

It’s all about having your existing items work harder for you, in my opinion.

Take a Risk

When you’re stuck in a style rut, it’s critical to start taking risks.

Put together some clothes that you might not have thought of on your own. But go ahead and try them on and see how you feel.

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You could be surprised to find that you like and love the ensembles you’ve put together.


When it comes to clothing, accessories are a terrific opportunity to push yourself a little bit further.

They can be the difference between having an outfit that makes you feel good and having an outfit that makes you feel wonderful.

Adding a bandanna, a scarf, a hat, a statement jewelry, or anything else that adds a little something extra to an ensemble, to elevate it and transform it from boring to spectacular.

It’s not difficult, but we often neglect to add a few finishing touches.

Bring Your Beauty Look Up To Date

Getting out of a style rut sometimes has more to do with hair and makeup and less to do with the clothes we own.

I know I fall into the trap of doing my hair and makeup in the same manner every day because it’s easy, it works, and it makes life easier.

However, changing up your hair and makeup might be one of the quickest ways to break out of a style rut.

I understand that it takes some time, which most of us don’t have, but if we look nice, we feel wonderful.

Investing a little time to change up our look and mix things up can make us feel fantastic.

break out of a style rut

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