How to Wear Gray Clothes – What Colors Go With Gray Clothes?

how to wear gray clothes

I’d want to concentrate on the color gray in this article.

I’ll explain what gray means, how it makes us feel, and some of the easiest colors to combine with gray so that if you want to add it to your closet, you can do so quickly and easily.

What Does the Color Gray Mean?

Let’s start with an explanation of what gray is, what it signifies, and how it makes us feel when we see it.

Gray is a color that sits in the middle of the spectrum, between black and white. When we think of real gray, we think of it as being in the middle.

It has a neutral vibe to it and takes on a neutral aspect in our closets, which I believe is accurate.

It’s also a fascinating color because it has a conservative and reserved vibe to it. However, if you lighten or darken the hue, you have a propensity to change how it feels.

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It takes on a floaty, almost ethereal character when you add additional white to it, and it can feel quite light and dazzling.

However, darkening it might give it a more serious quality vibe, making it more reserved, conservative, and sophisticated.

It’s such a lovely hue, and I think that it works well with a variety of outfits.

When gray is mixed with another color, it tends to darken or dampen the other color. It effectively mutes everything, making it a breeze to operate with.

If you have a bright color, you may soften it by pairing it with gray and applying a filter to everything.

Finally, you can warm or cool them, just like any other color. When we think about gray, we usually think of it as somewhere in the middle, but I believe that finding your perfect gray, which is the correct balance of warm and cool, is crucial.

If you get the wrong shade of gray, it can look completely wrong on you.

Experiment, play about with it, and try on a variety of grays until you find the perfect one.

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Colors to Pair With Gray

What Colors Go With Gray Clothes?

Let’s look at some of the most simple gray color combinations.

Gray is a true neutral in every sense of the word, so you may use it with every color in the rainbow. It will undoubtedly have the softening impact that we discussed at the beginning.

You have a lot of options and room to play with here. Personally, I believe that the color gray has very few rules. It’s also one of those colors where you can’t tell how cool or warm it is until it’s incredibly dark or really light.

It allows you to have a lot of fun with the other colors you match with it.


Blue is one of the easiest colors to match with gray. Every shade of blue, whether it’s a deep navy or a lighter, airier sky blue, or something in between.

The color blue, in and of itself, is quite calming to look at, which is why this is so lovely. In many incarnations, it appears to be quite sophisticated.

When you combine it with a color that has a similar propensity, they brilliantly duplicate each other, giving our eyes a sense of balance and harmony.

It’s without a doubt one of my personal favorites.


Pink is the next hue I’d like to discuss.

Because gray reads conservative and neutral, and pink reads very feminine, little innocent, and romantic, I love pink with gray.

When you combine the two, you get a pretty intriguing contrast and you can bring some life to the gray.

If you think your pink is a little too much for where you’re heading, this is a great option to consider. You can mute it by pairing it with gray.

If terms like conservative and reserved, as well as slightly austere words and sensations linked with colors, don’t exactly correspond with your particular style aesthetic, you can introduce pink into them to bring some vibrancy back.

Red, burgundy, and maroon are all stunning colors, but burgundy and maroon red are more classy.

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When you match them with a gray that is as sophisticated, something magical happens. It’s without a doubt one of my favorites.

I’ve recently grown to appreciate the color gray, and mixing it with richer colors such as burgundy has been a delight.

This is something to think about when it comes to your makeup. Because you can wear gray and then add some excitement to it with a burgundy lip or even a burgundy eyeshadow color.


Gray and stone is another color combination that I’ve been drawn to recently.

I adore this since it frequently exists in nature, and it’s one of my favorite sources of color matching inspiration.

Clouds, an overcast atmosphere, misty mornings, and especially those associated with the beach or the water come to mind when I think of gray. When you look at that scene, you’ll notice that it’s always matched with the color of stone.

It’s both very familiar and incredibly lovely.

Another approach I enjoy working with color is to break down a hue into its constituent parts and then combine those colors together.

When it comes to gray and black and white, matching it with either black or white, or perhaps an off-white, is such a lovely way to experiment with that color, and everything will fit and harmonize beautifully.

It’s very classy if you want to go dark and use charcoal with black. Because black has a tendency to do that, it anchors the gray a little bit more.

But if you lighten it up with white or off-white, it seems so dreamy, and you get that cloud sense where you feel like you’re floating. Both of them are breathtakingly stunning.

Gray is a true neutral that mutes out other colors, so you can combine it with any color and it will look great.

But there are three in particular that I’d like to highlight.


Because orange is so energizing on its own, pairing it with a neutral like gray balances it out well.

This one isn’t too common, but it’s quite lovely.


The following one is purple. This color is comparable to blue in that it is mysterious and dreamy while also being serious.

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It also adds a touch of romance to the mix. It’s the kind of sunset you’d see against a cloudy sky. Really lovely.


Any shade of green, but especially darker greens, especially mid to dark green, complements gray so well.

Because we see clouds, misty mornings, and all of nature’s gray tones, juxtaposed with green grass, green trees, and green flora.

Everything will balance in such a wonderful way if you look at nature.

Gray With Gray

Then there’s gray with different hues of gray.

You may create a lovely harmony by taking a color and pairing it with another version of that color.

Everything goes together, it’s a very unified color story, and it demonstrates that you’re interested in fashion and color, but that you prefer things to be more reserved.

If you go dark on dark within gray, you can raise the level of formality and how conservative it feels. Alternatively, for that airiness, go light on light and make it feel like you’re floating in the clouds.

If you use a dark gray with a light gray, you can achieve a similar effect to black and white but with a softer feel. It’s breathtaking.

Finding the right gray tone might make all the difference.

Before you dismiss all gray, experiment with a few and perhaps go to a fabric store to look at different tints and shades of gray and hold them up to your face, and then move from there.

It’s fantastic when you find the right one.

what colors go with gray clothes

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