How to Make Your Torso Look Longer

How to Make Your Torso Look Longer

This video is about personal style rules for individuals with short torsos.

The first rule is wearing high neck tops. The speaker explains that high neck tops create a color block that visually elongates the torso. Solid colors work best for this purpose, as they create a clear and distinct line for the color block.

The speaker mentions that the definition of a “high neck” may vary depending on one’s neck length. Longer necks can handle turtlenecks or high mock necks, while shorter necks may require different styles like crewnecks or high halter necks.

They also discuss how to break this rule by wearing tops with deep necklines like V-necks or scoop necks. To balance these necklines, they recommend choosing tops with thick straps or long sleeves or wearing tops that have less contrast with the skin tone.

Another way to break the rule is by matching the color of the top to the pants, effectively elongating the torso downward into the pants.

The second rule involves matching the rise of pants with the neckline of the top. For instance, high neck tops are paired with high-rise pants, while V-necks are matched with low-rise pants. The inseam length is also considered to maintain balance.

The speaker mentions that this rule helps avoid the imbalance caused by pants that are too long or too short in relation to the torso.

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They explain how to break this rule when the pants don’t align perfectly with the neckline or inseam length. In such cases, they suggest matching the problem pants with the top, creating a monochrome outfit for a more cohesive look.

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The speaker discusses the importance of choosing shoe colors that differ from the outfit color to create a visual foundation for the body. They recommend showing some ankle skin when wearing shoes that match the pants, except when wearing a long coat.

The third rule is to wear straight leg and slim-fit pants, with a focus on avoiding pants with excessively long inseams or wide leg styles that overwhelm the figure.

The speaker mentions a rule-breaking exception where they explore wide-leg pants. They look for wide-leg pants with elastic waistbands and wear them slightly lower to make up for the volume.

The speaker’s fourth rule is always tucking in their tops, emphasizing that it helps showcase the chosen rise, inseam, and hem of pants, as well as highlighting the waist.

The fifth rule is wearing an underwire bra for support and lift, especially for those with short torsos.

The speaker discusses their preference for skorts and dresses with leg slits, emphasizing that slits or a high-low hemline can help balance the look, creating a sense of proportion.

They conclude by mentioning the importance of creating vertical contrast when adding outerwear like jackets or cardigans to an outfit to further lengthen the torso. This can be done by choosing contrasting colors between the outerwear and the inner clothing. Matching the outerwear with the top can also work but may require a differentiating factor like tight bottoms.

The video is a reflection of the speaker’s personal style preferences and the rules she has developed to enhance her fashion choices for her short torso body type.

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How to Make Your Torso Look Longer

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