How to Look Expensive (11 Styling Tips & Hacks)

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how to look expensive

In this article, I’d want to offer some of the styling tips that I use to look expensive and put-together on a daily basis.

Go Monochromatic

My first piece of advice is to choose monochrome when in doubt.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the power of monochrome, or wearing the same color from head to toe, and how many people believe it makes you look smart, chic, taller, and thinner.

It appears to be a catch-all formula for looking your best, and I find that it is accurate.

My complete outfit explodes when I wear similar shades from head to toe with thoughtful pieces and then enhance it with delicate accessories. I feel and look more expensive.

Keep it Simple

My next big tip is to keep things simple.

You’ll always seem sophisticated and expensive no matter what you’re wearing if you keep things simple, classic, and minimal with really nice accessories.

There’s something about chic separates mixed with delicate, thoughtful accessories that makes it appear as if you spent a lot of time getting dressed and that each piece costs more than it may have cost you.

Careful With Your Shoes

The topic of footwear is the subject of my next suggestion.

My experience has shown me that your shoes have the power to make or shatter a whole look.

When it comes to footwear, I keep a few factors in mind to ensure that I’m selecting the most versatile piece and one that will go with the majority of my outfits.

When it comes to choosing shoes for my outfits and subsequently my whole wardrobe, the first thing I prefer to keep in mind is to keep things structured.

If you want to seem luxurious, go for more structured elements in both your apparel and accessories.

Delicate ballet flats with a very tiny heel, loafers, and other classic styles have a way of instantly elevating everything else you’re wearing and really lifting your entire appearance up to the next level.

Using ballet flats as an example, I find that if you choose a very plain ballet flat with no distinction between the heel and the sole, it can appear cheap even if it isn’t.

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When looking for a flatter shoe like that, look for something with just a smidgeon of a heel.

I discovered that doing so instantly elevates your overall style because people will see the more expensive silhouette on your feet and assume the rest of your clothing will be as well.

In a similar vein, matching your shoes to your bags is a fairly safe general rule of thumb to follow if you want to look expensive.

I know a lot of you are going to think that’s so outdated and old school.

While this is true, and there are definitely ways to mix and match different footwear and shoes in different shades and materials and still look luxe, I believe that if you’re just starting out and want something that always hits the mark, neutrals in both your handbag and your shoes are the way to go.

Then mix and match the two to make your entire appearance feel and look unified, which will make you look more expensive.

Style It Up

The next step is all about how you wear something.

You can have the most expensive item or the most affordable item, but if you don’t wear it correctly, confidently, and in a way that suits you and your unique lifestyle, it will never appear as elegant as it could.

One of my favorite things to do is to add a collar, drape something over my shoulders, roll a sleeve, or half-tuck anything to whatever I’m wearing.

Those small changes go a long way toward making your overall look more thoughtful, which makes it look more expensive.

The Rule of 3’s

The rule of threes is another rule of thumb that I prefer to follow when getting dressed in the morning.

In general, I begin every costume with a top and a bottom, and then I always add a third piece.

That third piece should be some form of striking accessory, such as a necklace, a stunning pair of earrings, a colorful bracelet, a great handbag, or a silk scarf.

The options are virtually unlimited, but the idea is that by adding a third piece, you appear to have done more than just throw on some fundamentals.

Even if you’re wearing something as simple as a T-shirt and jeans, a silk scarf can help elevate the whole outfit.


Next, I like to double-check that everything I’m wearing fits me well.

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I try to stay away from clothing that is overly tight from top to bottom. If I have super narrow bottoms, I prefer to mix it up a little and wear something looser up top, and vice versa.

That juxtaposition, in my opinion, makes everything appear more intentional, unique, and personalized to you.

People will instinctively believe you paid a ridiculous amount for something that seems like it was made for your physique, even if you didn’t.

Along the same lines, I strongly advise taking anything that doesn’t fit you well to a tailor.

If you have a fantastic jacket that you love but it’s just a little off, taking it to a tailor will give it that bespoke and custom look it once again, and others will assume it was made particularly for you.

How to Look Expensive in Clothes, Tips

Add Texture

Adding varied textures to my clothing is another way I like to make them feel more expensive.

Adding multiple textures to your style, whether you’re working with different textures all within the same color family or playing off complementary colors, can make you look like you had your outfit put together by a personal stylist, which always reads pricey.

It’s something I enjoy doing and would strongly recommend.

Simple Jewelry

I adore big accessories and spectacular jewelry, but I find that if I want to look instantly luxury, I keep my accessories and jewelry simple and clean.

I prefer really simple, delicate things since they read more costly, regardless of the price range.

For instance, if you’re searching for a piece that you can wear every day, that will mix with a variety of outfits and always look elegant, I recommend really tiny rings.

Something with some form of engraving is something I recommend. Necklaces with your initials or birthdate engraved on them are very delicate.

Something unique like that makes your entire outfit feel more tailored to you. This, again, contributes to improving your unique style while also making you appear and feel more expensive.

Add a Watch

In the same vein, nothing beats a classic watch.

When all else fails, elevating your outfit with a very simple, minimal, classic watch will instantly uplift you and make you look completely unique.

I’m a sucker for watches with delicate bands. I feel that a medium to small face looks best with most silhouettes.

I’ve discovered that you can acquire most watches in varied price ranges that are of extremely great quality and appear to be very costly.

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Underwear Counts

Another important factor in making your overall clothing look more expensive is to pay attention to your underwear.

Some of you may think this is self-evident, but always examine your attire in full 360 degrees. If you don’t have access to a full-length mirror, have someone spot check the back.

Make sure you don’t have any visible pantylines, that your underwear isn’t showing unless that’s the look you’re looking for, and that everything fits you properly.

You don’t want a bunch or bulge in any unflattering places because it will make you feel uneasy, and it won’t make you look expensive.

Also, remember that you should never, ever, ever wear white underwear with white apparel.

White underwear, whether it’s white shorts, white pants, or a white shirt, should be avoided because they’ll shine like a lighthouse from beneath your clothes.

It’s something you should definitely keep in mind.

Always choose a beige or skin tone because it will be nearly transparent below your garment.

No Scuffs & Rips

Last but not least, make sure everything you’re wearing is in excellent condition.

Anything with tears, rips, or scuffs should be avoided.

Anything with noticeable imperfections like that will detract from the piece, and people will focus on the flaw rather than the clothing and overall look.

It’s truly something that goes into the finer points of your entire appearance to make you look more expensive.

That concludes the discussion. Those are some of the styling tips I like to remember when getting dressed in order to look and feel more expensive.

how to make your wardrobe look expensive


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