5 Best Underwear For Leggings

Best Underwear For Leggings

A large underwear line is the quickest way to destroy a great activewear.

Full coverage underwear can cause huge panty lines, while thongs can occasionally be too bulky and ruin a legging look.

This is something that we are working hard to prevent from happening.

“Oh, just go commando,” some will suggest.

Some people, however, dislike going commando. And, if you’re wearing legging with a front seam, going commando can aggravate the situation.

I’m really choosy about the underwear I wear with my leggings. I have great expectations for it.

There are others who argue that there is nothing wrong with camel toes or underwear lines.

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However, most women strive to avoid this in their leggings because it draws additional unnecessary attention.

If you don’t see any issues with it, then go for it.

But, personally, I want to avoid a camel toe in my leggings, as well as VPL in general.

Here are the 5 best pairs of underwear that are intended to eliminate camel toe, not reveal any panty lines, and work exceptionally well under your activewear in general.

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