How to Hide Hip Dips With Clothes (What to Wear?)

How to Hide Hip Dips With Clothes

I discuss what to wear with hip dips and how to hide hip dips with clothing in this article.

What Are Hip Dips?

Hip dips occur when there is a significant gap between the top of your hip and the point at which your leg bone connects to the hip. Between the two, there isn’t much to see.

The only muscle that keeps these few bones together is a very little one.

Because there is so much room between them, the tissue between them tends to sink in, resulting in hip dips or violin hips.

It resembles a simple indentation on the side of your bottom. It’s quite normal to have, fully natural, and perfectly healthy. If you have it, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s nothing more than the shape of your bones.

It affects a large number of people to varied degrees. Some people have noticeable hip dips, while others have them only marginally. You don’t have that round butt shape, basically. On the sides, there is an indent.

On a medical level, this isn’t something to be concerned about. It’s entirely up to you how you feel about them in terms of aesthetics.

Some people are unconcerned about them. I know some people who adore their appearance, but I also know some who are quite self-conscious about them.

At the present, the most fashionable body type is a highly obvious hourglass with a focus on very broad hips. Violin hips are worlds away from that.

Hip dips aren’t something you should be embarrassed about. However, if you are insecure about it, that is perfectly OK as well. We all have days when we are more or less confident in the way we look.

Here are a few recommendations for those of you ladies who are anxious about your hip dips or would just like to know a couple of techniques to make them look less noticeable, such as dressing in a certain way, because they are rather easy to hide.

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All of this will be determined by the balance of your body’s shape. These are things I’ve discovered via personal experience, so if you have a body type similar to mine, you’ll find them quite useful.

Some of these are globally applicable, while others may not be suitable for your body type.

High Waist

Wearing a high waist is the number one rule I try to follow when it comes to the most flattering things for my body shape.

There is a significant difference between my waist and the top of my hips for me. Below that, it’s essentially a straight line.

I find that highlighting my waist and then wearing something that expands out works best for me.

That way, my lower body appears to be more hourglass-shaped.

When it comes to jeans, I’ve discovered that a high waisted pair looks best on me. Later, I’ll discuss various types of apparel. The waist cinching will reappear on several occasions.

High waisted clothing is not only the most flattering but also the most practical for me.

When I wear jeans that sit on or just below the widest point of my hips, they tend to fall below that widest point. It’s merely a flat line or possibly an indent moving down.

However, if my jeans are a little higher, I find that they are more comfortable to wear. I’m not concerned about them slipping down my hips.

Also, when it comes to jeans, I’ve discovered that heavier weights and firmer fabric jeans fit better with the shape of my hips and thighs.

The fabric’s weight will allow it to cling less to my body and smooth over that hip dip.

My hip points appear to be more noticeable when I wear thinner, skintight pants. When I wear jeans that are a little broader and made of a heavier, thicker fabric, though, the whole thing looks a little smoother.

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Jeans, trousers, or just bottoms with a little bit of a broader leg, in my opinion, help to hide the hips by not hugging the gaps as much and not hugging the bum as much.

Wide leg trousers are quite flattering on me, and I especially prefer them when they are made of a thicker fabric that will simply smooth over the area.

How to Hide Hip Dips


When it comes to hiding hip dips, skirts are my best friend.

A-line skirts possess all of the qualities I just mentioned. It will cling you at the waist before opening up to a larger form. Nothing that happens below that will be shown.

My favorite skirts to wear are a-line skirts. More structured items made of a thicker fabric work a little bit better than thin, slippery fabrics, as with everything.

Thinner textiles can also work nicely. I have two wrap dresses that are quite flattering due to the snug at the waist and the highlighted waistline.

They just go straight down, a little out, and serve to maintain the shape from the widest point of your hips to the bottom.

Peplum Tops

Peplum tops are a terrific alternative for keeping with the same motif of cinching the waist and then going from the widest point of the hips down.

They’re hard to come by right now because they’re not really fashionable, but if you have a few from a few years ago when they were, keep them.

Peplum tops are fantastic for making your hips appear broader.

If I’m wearing something skintight and form-hugging underneath, I enjoy wearing a peplum top. It simply creates the illusion of a larger hourglass form.

These are, in my opinion, really flattering on a wide range of body types.

Thicker Fabric

If you want to wear something that are a little more skin tight and hug your body a little more, but you still want to hide your hips, I recommend going with a thicker fabric and a more structured garment.

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I can detect the difference between two gowns I’m wearing, one of which is made of a very thin jersey cotton material and the other of which is made of a considerably thicker fabric.

The thicker fabric helps to smooth out my form slightly more, whilst the thinner fabric emphasizes my hip dips more than the thicker fabric.

If you want a smoother, more hourglass figure, you should purchase a thicker fabric that will assist mould you into that body shape a little bit more.

These are my suggestions for dressing with hip dips.

I just want to emphasize that you do not need to be ashamed of your hip dips one more time. You don’t have to hide them.

I feel the same way about all of this as I do about makeup. Experimenting with body types and varied looks is enjoyable.

However, it isn’t anything that decides your own value. Please keep this in mind.

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